15 May 2017

The 2017 Billboard Music Awards are inching closer by the day, and we’re racking our brains to figure out who will bag the Top Artist title this year.


Like every other year, this year’s BBMAs have some strong contenders lined up for the Top Artist of the year. While each artist belongs to a totally different style, they all have one thing in common—they’re the kings and queens of music right now. This year sees some record-breaking numbers in nominations for two individual artists (we’re looking at Drake and The Chainsmokers). The BBMAs honour and celebrate the artists who have the most impressive numbers on the Billboard charts. Needless to say, the names you’re about to see in this list are the true G’s of todays music scene.


We’re giving you a lowdown on all the artist in the running to bag that coveted title. There’s still some time till the winner is revealed, until then, you can keep guessing and praying for your favourites!




Alright, no prizes for guessing this one. We all know the poster girl of zero f***s HAD to be on this list. Adele made a scorching comeback with her album 25 back in November 2015, but is still slaying the awards section with multiple wins. With Hello, the soul singer broke all sales records AGAIN, and proved why she belongs on this list.



2. Beyoncé


You really think we’d not put Beyoncé on this list? Any coveted music award nom list would be incomplete without Queen Bey. After the trailblazing Lemonade album pushed boundaries in writing, themes, and the way it tackled issues faced by the black community, Bey has been everywhere. Like the GRAMMYs, we might see another showdown between the queen and Adele, again.



3. Drake


The Hotline Bling crooner is the first behemoth at this year’s BBMAs, with a dizzying 22 nods for multiple categories. Drake put out Views last year and the ambitious project slowly annihilated everyone and everything around it. The massive 20-track album cemented Drake’s position as the biggest rap icon in the industry today. Also, will you ever be able to get his Hotline dance moves out of your head?



4. The Chainsmokers


Like ’em or hate ’em, The Chainsmokers are EVERYWHERE, and they’re going for gold. The duo, who had a less than humble start with the infamous Selfie, has been relentlessly churning out hit after hit. Seriously, think about it. When was the last time you went out, and DIDN’T hear a Chainsmokers track playing somewhere? Exactly. The American duo are the only artists giving Drake a run for his money with a whopping 22 nods!



5. Justin Bieber 


Were you at the highly hyped Justin Bieber gig in Mumbai last week? Did he really lip-sync? Do you gate his guts now?  Well, it doesn’t matter, because he’s winning at life. While currently on his trailblazing Purpose world tour, Biebs has been nominated yet again, so the dreams of seeing your teenage heartthrob win again may finally come true. Only time will tell.



6. Twenty One Pilots


Stay in your lane, boy! The punk/rap duo has been a prominent figure in the rock scene the past one year. After releasing their highly acclaimed album Blurryface in 2015, the band just blew up instantly. Merging some very tight rap verses, with strong riffs and solos seems to be working wonders for them. Just watch any of their live performances, and you’ll feel the energy from across the screen! With 17 noms for this year’s BBMAs, we’re hoping to see them accept an award in their underwear again!



7. The Weeknd


Abel, oh Abel. I Feel It Coming, Party Monster, Reminder, the hits just keep on coming, and there’s just no stopping this Starboy. There’s not a single track you can’t groove to on the Weeknd’s 2016 album Starboy. After getting some impressive names to feature on it, Abel made sure he was putting out his best work to date. And boy did he deliver! With 13 nods, Drake has a worthy competitor to look out for.



8. Rihanna


The Bitch Better Have My Money singer has been having a hell of a year and it might get better. Rihanna released Anti last year, and proved that she can completely own the game of genres. The album featured songs that went HARD like Work, Desperado, and Needed Me. We think it’s about time Rihanna’s greatness gets recognised.