13 September 2017

The meanest, baddest, sickest shredder of all time, Dave Mustaine is heavy metal. Founder of the legendary thrash metal band Megadeth, Mustaine has been one of the first few fine gentlemen to give us something to bang our heads to and raise those devil’s horns at. It’s his birthday, and we’ve been blasting them speakers with some good old Megadeth all day here at Vh1 station. We couldn’t help but watch some of the most epic Dave Mustaine moments on loop, and here we are, sharing it with you.



1. Dave’s painful split from Metallica


“I said, what… no warning? No second chance? And you guys said, no… go”


Watching Kirk Hammet, James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine in the same line-up is a dying man’s last wish. And some of us actually did manage to watch that kind of wonder in our lifetime. But they split up too soon. But this rendevouz of Mustaine and none other than Lars Ulrich of Metallica on their parting ways will soften up the biggest metalhead.




2. Mustaine pissed AF at a stupid kid


You don’t go to a Megadeth concert with an intent to heckle. You get spotted by Dave Mustaine, you get ripped apart – that’s Newton’s fourth law. Look at this kid getting destroyed as he tries to disrupt Megadeth’s performance by flashing a laser torch at Mustaine’s face.




3. Mustaine gets a huge AF bra thrown at him onstage


40 Double D. Yep, that’s huge even by Dave Mustaine’s standards. So here’s what happened. Mustaine was tapping the strings like a chainsaw running through a banyan tree when a lady threw her bra at him. The lingerie got stuck in his arms, and Mustaine just flicked it away. After finishing his lead, Mustaine picked it up and what followed, cracks us up every time.




4. Mustaine saves a kid at a maddening Megadeth concert


If you bring a kid to a Megadeth concert, we approve of this good parenting. But don’t let the little ones anywhere near a mosh pit, for god’s sake. Thankfully, Mustaine noticed the kid before he was trampled underfeet, called him up on the stage, and the day was saved. Here’s the clip.




5. The night Mustaine rose from dead


It was Eugene, Oregon, and Megadeth playing a show days before their tour to Tokyo. Mustaine was sloshed and the show ended up in a riot. Soon after the band left the venue, he was overdosed from a mouthful of Valium, and was found in a condition which can only be described as majorly screwed. He was rushed to the emergency room but everybody almost believed that Dave was a goner. Check out how Mustaine was resuscitated, and how the incident changed his life forever.