Could you not say these things, please?
15 December 2016

In all the excitement of Christmas (OMG WE’RE SO EXCITED) you can sometimes get a bit swept up in the festive cheer and forget that for some people, Christmas is just another day.



It’s important to remember that there are a whole host of other faiths and beliefs out there other than those based around Christmas. So here are a few things you might wanna avoid saying to those who will be spending the 25th in different ways other than full to the brim with turkey and surrounded by gifts.


“Christmas isn’t a religious holiday”


True, there may be some Christians or atheists who don’t consider Christmas to be particularly religious these days but to people from other religions IT DEFINITELY IS. Christ-mas, come on guys.

“At least you get a day off work/school”



Ermmm… but what if someone of a different faith wants a day off on one of their religious holidays so, ya know, they can celebrate too. Also, working on Christmas would be an absolute dream, so quiet.

“But we get the day off because this is a Christian country”



It really isn’t. Maybe it was literally thousands of years ago but now we are a country that accepts all faiths and we’re not saying we shouldn’t have the day off (please don’t make us work on Christmas) but just be mindful that maybe some people aren’t so thrilled about it.

“Stop moaning, Christmas is just about being merry”



SHH. Everybody reserves the right to be merry or not merry whenever they please (we go for merry all year round personally, sometimes we fail on Mondays)

“Merry Christmas”



Okay so we don’t think anyone really minds this too much but better off saying “Happy Holidays”, then everybody wins!

“Isn’t Hanukkah just like, the Jewish Christmas?”



Agreed, it does happen to be a bit near to Christmas but otherwise NOPE. Hanukkah is a relatively small holiday in comparison to other Jewish holidays and involves virtually none of the same things as Christmas (most families don’t really give presents on Hanukkah either by the way). Hanukkah is Hanukkah, Christmas is Christmas.

“So what do you do on Christmas Day?”



The world does actually still turn on Christmas Day, there’s plenty to do and actually a lot of people quite enjoy it because the stuff that is open is usually super quiet and nice (whole movie theatre to yourself? Yes please).

“So you don’t even have a *insert thing that obviously only people celebrating christmas will have*??”


People not celebrating Christmas aren’t going to go out a buy a tree and decorate it for absolutely no reason are they; it’s a bit of a weird thing to do if you think about it. If someone tells you they aren’t celebrating Christmas, don’t spend the next 20 minutes asking them if they’ll be celebrating each individual aspect, they won’t be.