06 September 2017

A new Michael Jackson album has been announced… but what is it?


Earlier today, a mysterious video was uploaded to the King of Pop’s social media accounts announcing a new project entitled Scream. With no release date or any other information revealed, fans have began speculating what we will hear from the new collection, seeing as we’ve already had two albums of unreleased material since 2010.



The animated video shows black cats, bats and spider webs while snippets of Jackson’s hits Dangerous and Blood on the Dance Floor play.


Blood. Dangerous. ‘Spooky’ imagery. Scream. We’re thinking this is a Halloween-themed compilation of MJ’s most cinematic tunes. After all, this is the legend who gave the world Thriller, which basically invented October 31st.



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In addition to the video announcement, Scream posters have popped up in Germany stating “Album Out September 29.” Could it be?


Michael certainly has enough spooky songs to make a thrilling Halloween party soundtrack but we’re sure his die-hard fans would expect at least one previously unheard song.




The vast amount of unreleased material he left behind has been used for 2010’s Michael and 2014’s Xscape, which featured an all-new Justin Timberlake duet, so it’s certainly a possibility.


All we ask is that the legendary song ‘Scream’, his duet with sister Janet Jackson, features on the album regardless of it being new or old music. It’s a timeless anthem that always deserves more recognition!


Now, are you ready to Scream?