09 May 2017

Nicki Minaj is playing angel to a load of students who are currently getting crushed under heavy student debts.


Tuition fees without a doubt, is a soul-sucking factor in college. We all know friends who are under constant pressure of the ever-mounting fees. But there’s an unlikely angel on Twitter who has personally taken up the task of easing the burden on students upon herself. We’re talking about Nicki Minaj who just took to Twitter and made a handful of kids SUPER happy!


The competition started out on Twitter for fans to lip sync to her songs, and he favourites being picked up and flown all the way to Los Angeles to hang out with her. Trying to seize the opportunity, a user on Twitter proposed the idea of Minaj paying off his tuition fees, and boy was he in for a shocker!



To everyone’s surprise, Minaj responded with a YES! The only catch? You need to have straight A’s. Quite a fair condition, tbh.



Soon enough, requests started flooding in like crazy and Nicki started responding to them!






She started taking up queries one by one and helped out almost everyone who reached out in those few hours she was online for.





One by one, Minaj paid off over 30 students who reached out to her on Twitter. (WHOOOAA!) After a while, it wasn’t just the students with the straight A’s, anyone who claimed they needed help with anything related to studies got a much needed helping hand from Minaj. In an age where Twitter has been reduced to detailed wars, Kanye meltdowns, and other random stupidity, Minaj shows everyone how to use social media to invoke change. And also, if words don’t work, might as well bring in the moolah!





Minaj said that this wasn’t the first of these extremely generous giveaways. She promised she would be back in a month or two, and do this again. So stay glued to your phones, keep your fingers crossed, and hope for the best!