06 September 2017

Ever had too much to drink at a festival? Ever throw up on yourself because of your bad life choices? Well, then the new German made sneakers by Adidas are just for you. Released just in time for the greatest celebration of drinking in the world i.e. Oktoberfest, they feature a major upgrade on the already popular München-style: a special DPBR (Durable Puke and Beer Repellent) coating.


No this isn’t something we’ve made up. Released as a commemorative collector’s edition, they ship worldwide (yes, even India). Retailing for around Rs. 16,500 with shipping, you’ll probably wanna spill beer and throw up on your shoes just so you can get the most value for your money. Nevertheless, it is definitely a cool addition to your wardrobe, not to mention the added protection from mishaps (self-inflicted or otherwise) prone to occur in a festival setting.





The design reflects German sensibilities with the outside inspired by classic Lederhosen pants, an inner lining with a checked tablecloth design and golden lettering spelling Prost (‘Cheers’ in German) alongside the classic three stripes. If you’re so inclined, you can head right here to grab a pair or two and be festival-ready well in time.