Little did Robert E. Kelly know how one interview would make him an overnight internet celebrity!
17 March 2017

Last Friday, international security analyst Robert E. Kelly, settled down in front of his computer for a live interview with BBC. Stationed in Busan, South Korea, he was giving the interview from his room when his two kids decided to hilariously wander into the room like complete bosses.


What made it even funnier was Kelly’s wife barging in head-first to snatch the kids out the room and make a quick getaway. Oh, and all of this is happening on live TV, on the BBC channel. Kelly’s facial expressions are too complex to put into words, as he experiences embarrassment, pity,possibly even regret for forgetting to lock the damn door.



The internet is an open arena, with players ready to pounce on anything that has a 0.5% chance of becoming viral. This video was a goldmine. It quickly circulated its way around  the world with people falling in love with well, everything in this video. Of course, this caught the attention of the meme lords of the internet resulting in an explosion of memes and spoofs.



We’ve picked out some of the best spoofs and memes on the internet, all for your viewing pleasure.


1. The one with the superhero mom


One of the best spoofs saw a similar setting with a mother being subjected to the same kind of surprise visits from her kids. Except, being a woman, she was handling cooking dinner, feeding her kids, a bomb detonation and a stray husband asking her for his other sock.



2. The one with the sick moves


This one is pretty straightforward. Kid politician dishing out random facts and trying to hold his laughter in. Enter tiny kid with some siiick dance moves. Cue panicked adult trying to get the kid out of the room. End scene. Repeat.



3. The one with Vader and the droids


THE BEST ONE. Vader is just answering questions about how to eliminate the Rebellion when R2-D2 and BB-8 roll in and make a bunch of sounds. We’re just happy Vader didn’t decide to choke them. Extra points for the poster of an exploding Death Star with the words ‘Never Forget’.



4. The one with the Indian beat-down


A classic re-enactment of what would happen if a kid interrupted an Indian dad’s interview. An ass-whooping follows. The dad is talking about the brilliant combination that is puri and chappati (don’t ask), when this kid barges in. What ensues is a classic Indian household situation as the kid gets trashed and an over-dramatic mom rushes to get the kid out of harm’s way. The dad is even wearing a lungi. Accurate AF.




5. The one with that shatters racist undertones


When the video initially blew-up, people automatically assumed Kelly’s wife to be the nanny for the kids. This sparked a debate about casual racism in everyday life. This brilliant take on the video shows them completely shatter the racist stereotypes by presenting people in totally different roles. Extremely well executed.




People instantly fell in love with Marion Kelly, Robert Kelly’s elder daughter. Some even declared her as the future president the world needs.




Truth bombs were dropped.



While people were still busy knee deep in making spoofs, Kelly’s entire family appeared on BBC again this last Tuesday to make sense of what happened. The kids were in the frame this time,intentionally. His wife tried her best to keep the kids calm and failed fabulously.



Kelly then talked about how he laments his instant fame on the internet, well, tough luck. Welcome to the new world.