All signs point to a collaboration between the two powerhouses.
25 October 2017

All eyes are on the breakout star of the year as fans wait for the follow-up single to her record-breaking anthem Bodak Yellow and it appears that she’s bagged a feature from the one and only Beyoncé. News of the collaboration came after the rapper’s sound engineer briefly posted a snapshot on his Instagram story before quickly taking it down upon her request.


BEYONCÉ FEATURING ON YOUR SECOND SINGLE? Cardi B is truly out there living the dream.





Michael Ashby – the engineer – posted a snap saying “Wow this feature is big”, showing a soundbite titled “Cardi B ft. Beyoncé Demo Wet”, which obviously sent fans into a frenzy. The Lemonade singer’s fan site later reported confirmation of the top-secret collaboration, stating “Beyoncé will indeed be on Cardi B’s new album […] and the record is finished.” Cardi B and Beyoncé first met in September when Cardi performed at the Made In America festival where Jay-Z was headlining, and she recently performed at the Tidal X benefit concert where Beyoncé attended.


 Brooklyn at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on October 17, 2017 in New York City


Bodak Yellow is now the longest-running number one single by a female rapper in U.S. history after topping the charts for three weeks, making Cardi a legend after just one single, so whatever comes next is bound to be huge. There’s no set release date for her debut album yet, although if a Beyoncé collaboration really does exist then it’d be mad not to make it the next single.


As for other collaborations? Cardi is keeping quiet about the music, although the incredible success of Bodak Yellow has found Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and many, many more artists gushing over the rapper so the possibilities are seemingly limitless.


We cannot WAIT to hear this one!