Got shitloads of people to buy for this holiday season but a little low on cash? Then it's time to get those hands dirty and make a few homemade gifts that'll not only look super thoughtful on Christmas day, but will also probably be way nicer than anything you could've bought anyway. Whether you like baking or get a little crafty, check out a whole pile of inspo below.
14 December 2016

1. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Is there anything cuter than a seasonal snowglobe to pop on your shelf? Nope there is not and even better, they are super duper easy to make with this how to from Martha Stewart.


2. Teacup Candles

Hit your neighbourhood shop and pick up some cheap crockery to re-purpose into a seriously chic festive gift with this candle tutorial from HeyGorg.



3. Brownie Jar Kit

The most Pinterest gift of all time has to be the classic brownie mix in a Mason Jar. Finish with a recipe card label tied on using festive twine. Guide to doing it right here.

4. Sparkly Pretzel Wands

If you can’t cook to save your life, these pretzel wands are for you. Literally all you do is melt choc, swizzle pretzels in it and roll them in glitter. Tutorial at Sprinkle Bakes.


5. Marble Candle

This simple way to upgrade basic tealights looks so cute. And basically all you need to do it is nail polish – check out the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.


6. White Chocolate Unicorn Bark

Pretty chocolate – seriously what else do you want in life? So easy you can even get your kid brother and sister involved in making with this recipe from BBC Good Food.


7. Cookie Snowglobes

A snowglobe you can eat = absolute goals. Basically just involves arranging gingerbread cookies in a nice jar tied up with ribbon but this tutorial at A Beautiful Mess includes a great recipe.


8. Rainbow Sparkle Bath Bombs

Seriously, you can make your own bath bombs! These rainbow coloured beauties are such a cute stocking filler and are easy peasy to do with the guide at A Beautiful Mess.


9. Homemade Cookie Dough

Get the best bit of making cookies without actually having to make cookies. Try this recipe from Sprinkle Bakes for cookie dough that keeps.


10. Triple Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake Cookies

Probably not very nutritious but definitely delicious. Package them up in a pretty box and VOILA, a totally thoughtful prezzie. Recipe for these scrumptious looking biccies comes from Half Baked Harvest.



11. Cookie Butters

What’s better than eating a biscuit? Eating a biscuit ON TOAST, that’s what. Yum. Try this recipe from A Beautiful Mess – basically all you need is sugar, biscuits, condensed milk and a fancy jar to put it in.