Opened its heart and gates to a multi-genre line up.
16 February 2018

Vh1 Supersonic took place over a week ago but it’s still fresh in our minds. But that’s to be expected when you have acts like Major Lazer, Marshmello, Incubus, Alt-J and Sean Paul perform in rapid succession over three days. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the comprehensive lineup which also managed to include performances by Dillon Francis, Plini, Pentagram, Joseph Capriati, Nucleya, Donn Bhatt+Passenger Revelator, The Fanculos and so many more all in a span of 72 hours.


But one did not have to wait for the festival’s headlining act for the Supersonic experience. Only a few hours in, and early birds had already got an idea of what they could expect from the three-day long celebration of music. While the lineup is one of the most important aspects of a festival there’s much more to it. This includes things that start from the moment you enter; like well managed parking areas, ticketing counters, F&B stalls with adequate dedicated space, free wifi and most importantly: free water. Now THAT’S how you cover all your bases.



This was definitely a defining edition in Supersonic history as they ventured into multi-genre territory. And they more than pulled it off, opening the doors for sounds like dream pop and rock n’ roll. With four stages i.e. the Live Arena, Laboratoire, Spectrum by Awakening and Sonic Realm, the odds of a dull day were zilch to nada. On day one, Parekh and Singh quickly amassed the nomadic festival crowd in front of the Live Arena. The stage’s debut outing at the festival surely turned out to be successful, thanks to the brilliant programming. The Live Arena stage was joined by a ‘Changeover Stage’ for acts with similar sounds and target audience. At Supersonic, when it rained, it poured (and it almost always poured). Next, India’s biggest name in live music – Nucleya – opened his massive set at the Sonic Realm. A few minutes later, Supersonic turned into a Nucleya fanfest. (Not a rare sight at a music festival involving the producer of Bass Rani).



Supersonic’s traditional love towards bass, trance and EDM sub-culture continued with elaborate and gigantic stage productions that complemented the massive names on the line-up. Praveen Achary and Oceantied once again proving why the emergence of these sounds are slowly captivating the underground as well as commercial scene of the electronic music evolution in India. The headlining acts, however, demanded the most animated response. It was a sight to behold when an ocean of people jumped in perfect sync to the drop as Major Lazer played some of their greatest party hits at the Sonic Realm. Or even when the crowd listened in rapture as Alt-J performed Breezeblocks at the Live Arena.



Raja Kumari was one of the acts to watch out for, and the set-up at the Laboratoire stage really helped her raise the bar from her previous music festival appearances. On day 2, however, two acts took the cherry and the cake with their unmatchable spirits and consistency in their elaborate performances. While this was expected of Joseph Capriati at the Spectrum Stage, fans were not expecting what was in store at the Live Arena. The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble came, performed, and blew the minds of every unassuming attendee. The band belted out original after original, with showmanship that can only be described as a visual treat. They had everyone applauding at the end of every song in that hour-long set dominated by saxophones, trumpets and other horn instruments.


Now obviously the festival had an insane lineup, but all that would mean nothing without a proper setup. And if you were there, or have even seen the countless photos and videos all over social media, you’ll agree that it was absolute perfection. From the stage design and the visuals, to the pyrotechnics, and of course, the sound; everything was top notch. The final day welcomed Pentagram, The F16s and heroes to possibly every musician performing there – Incubus. The Live Arena, once again, raised the bar for itself and should definitely be a mainstay in upcoming editions. As Incubus took the fans down memory lane, Sean Paul – more or less – did the same. From She Doesn’t Mind to Temperature, the hip hop mogul knows how to put on a show.



If there’s one thing I noticed at the festival for sure, it’s that there are no watered down experiences at Vh1 Supersonic; they go all in. As the festival continues to grow, things can only get better. And when that happens, we hope you #BeThereBeFree.