26 July 2017

They call it a place the sun doesn’t shine for a reason.

There really is now a beauty product for everything and that extends as far as an illuminating beauty product created solely to add shimmer to a place the sun doesn’t usually shine.

And while we love some glow as much as the next person, you have to draw the line somewhere – and let’s just say that somewhere probably needs to be before you start slapping a load of highlighter onto your vagina.



If you are interested, this comes courtesy of cosmetics brand The Perfect V, who have come up with a product they call the Shades of V Very V Luminizer. It promises to add “luminous iridescent colour” to the vulva, brightening and minimising any skin imperfections. Because who hasn’t always wished they could minimise skin imperfections and generally jazz up their vag?


Oh, wait yeah, everyone hasn’t.


Frankly, nothing sounds more likely to frighten off a sexual partner/your gynaecologist than exposing your lady garden only to have it sparkle more violently than Edward Cullen’s face in the sunlight, but each to their own we suppose.



If you’re interested, The Perfect V also sell a range of products for your most intimate parts including an exfoliator, cleanser and serum.


Probably worth exercising caution when using them though, as the vagina is a pretty delicate sort of place and disruption to your natural pH can sometimes lead to itchy irritation and infections like thrush and bacterial vaginosis.