The album also reportedly features Ed Sheeran and Future.
08 November 2017

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are really good friends. The two stars met early on in their careers and since then have been nothing but supportive of each other both in public and private. They even reference each other in their work. Now it looks like the two superstars have finally brought their friendship to the studio and recorded a song



Rumours of the collaboration flooded the internet yesterday after Taylor Swift’s label boss, Scott Borchetta, tagged Selena in a post about Taylor’s new album. The CEO simply wrote: “This is so good…” in reference to a Target commercial for Reputation. Selena doesn’t star in the video so Scott’s tag has led fans to guess that she may feature on the album.



The possibility of the two artists joining forces on one song isn’t out of the question either. Selena recently put Taylor in her Bad Liar video. The Blank Space hitmaker makes a cameo as a singer in a poster on the wall of a character that Selena plays. And Taylor wears a t-shirt with Selena’s name written on it in the Look What You Made Me Do video. So they’re still very close and both killing it in pop right now which means a duet would make sense.



We need this in our lives right now. Imagine how good it could sound!