Two of the biggest pop acts in the world collaborating? Sign! Us! Up!
23 November 2017

Rumour has it Katy Perry and The Weeknd are about to cook up some major hits together in the studio after the pair were spotted out for dinner along with a bunch of A-list music producers. Fans speculated a potential romance after the ‘Bon Appétit’ singer was seen dining with the Canadian singer but E! News confirm that their collaboration is strictly professional.


“They are discussing working together,” E! have reported. “They aren’t dating. Abel is always thinking about new collaborations with talented artists.” Adding they were joined by a “few producer types”, the source commented that The Weeknd “has many female friends and most of them are in the industry.” Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Sia are just a few of the superstars he has collaborated with in the past, while he has recorded three songs with Lana Del Rey in the past three years.


 The Tour' at Madison Square Garden on October 6, 2017 in New York City


Katy Perry released her fourth album Witness earlier this year, featuring a big hip-hop presence from Nicki Minaj and Migos, so could be working on a re-release as she is on tour supporting the album until next summer. Although there may be a bigger chance of Katy featuring on The Weeknd’s next album as the follow-up to Starboy is expected to drop in 2018. Will anything come of this? As always, we’ll have to wait and see, but two of pop’s biggest hitmakers uniting sounds incredibly promising.