This is like a mini episode of KUWTK in itself.
05 February 2018

Kylie Jenner has officially given birth to a baby girl and has naturally decided to make the announcement in the most Kardashian way possible. Sharing the happy news with fans on Twitter, Kylie followed up swiftly with an emotional video documenting her pregnancy all the way from finding out she was expecting right up to the moment she gave birth, which took place on February 1st. And yep, that includes sound effects of the exact moment her baba entered the world.


Unless you’ve been living in a cave with no access to Twitter for the last nine months, you’ve no doubt noticed that there’s been a distinct lack of Kylie on social media. And while there were plenty of rumours that Kylie too was expecting a baby like sisters Khloe and Kim, she was the only one who decided not to address rumours directly. But now that her baby girl with Travis Scott has safely arrived, she’s not only announced the birth but given a bit of an explanation about just why she (totally fairly) wanted to keep things private :



As if that wasn’t enough excitement to be going on with, Kylie’s also shared a totally emotional video that charts what’s being going on in private, which is titled ‘To Our Daughter’. The video is a selection of home video footage shot by Kylie and best friend Jordyn Woods, and shares plenty of intimate family moments throughout. It also features a first look at Kim’s new daughter, Chicago West, as she meets Kylie for the first time, plus some sweet moments from Kylie’s baby shower, where friends and family members talk about just how excited Kylie is to be a mum.
It finishes with Kylie in hospital giving birth and closes on a first look of mum and baby together. And while the baby is of course star of the show, a major shout out to KJ for giving birth in a pair of sweeping false lashes.


CONGRATS KYLIE – now all we have to wait for is to find out the name. Any guesses?