The 12-minute clip has attracted some backlash in the online community.
07 February 2018

Despite vowing to take some time off to reflect on his decision to post a video of an apparent suicide victim, Logan Paul has already made his dramatic return to YouTube with a controversial trailer. The clip features the 22-year-old teasing his 16 million subscribers with fresh content on the platform and it’s fair to say not everyone is beyond thrilled that he’s gearing up for a major comeback.



A voiceover describes Logan as “the legend, the myth, the maverick,” before stating that the “disgraced” YouTuber will be “showing his face for the first time after hiding from paparazzi and swallowing his tears on social-media. Promising that Logan won’t exactly be lying low for the time being, the voiceover adds: “It’s time for the epic comeback. Today, the era of boring YouTube content is over.”


Naturally, some people felt that the spoofed-up tone of the trailer was jarring at best and inappropriate at worst, while others took issue with the fact that Paul is already back to plugging his merch and chatting about his recent $4 million lawsuits. “He hasn’t changed one bit, what a surprise,” one person commented, while another argued that “everyone deserves a second chance” and that Logan can’t realistically spend the rest of his life apologising for the video. Hmm. The YouTuber added: “I will never, ever, ever forget who I am at my core, and no-one can make me think I’m something otherwise. As long as I’m learning and improving and getting better as a person, then we’re good.”


This comes as Logan attempted to atone for his mistakes by donating £750,000 to suicide prevention organisations while promising that he’ll be making better decisions going forwards.