The docu was "insightful and emotional and raw."
25 September 2017

Lady Gaga’s new Netflix documentary is already garnering rave reviews. Gaga: Five Foot Two is a unique, unfiltered look into the life of the Judas singer – from recording Joanne to its release and her experiences with chronic pain to the Super Bowl. As well as receiving huge adoration from fans, Gaga: Five Foot Two has also received acclaim from many celebrities. Zara Larsson, Charli XCX and Tony Bennett are just a few of the huge stars who’ve publicly praised the candid film.







That’s not all though Lorde took to Twitter to share her love of the film and Gaga even responded to her.

After a fan suggested that Lorde watch the documentary, the Homemade Dynamite singer wrote: “i watched it early a few hours ago lmao so good i die for that piano bad romance at tony’s birthday. and everything else. she is my queen”.

Gaga then replied: “thank you Lorde, you’re so talented sweet and supportive.” THIS IS AMAZING.



Seriously, this exchange has got us hoping for a Lorde and Gaga collaboration. Imagine how incredible it would be. Gaga also took the time to repost and respond to a lengthy post that Lena Dunham wrote about the film. “You’re special Lena, and you’re a fighter and the world needs women like you” said the Joanne star.



I love her so much. She is such an inspiration and has really been there for me. You're special Lena, and you’re a fighter and the world needs women like you. #Repost @lenadunham ・・・ Nearly impossible to express the gift that is Gaga: Five Foot Two. This film is one of the most revealing acts of feminine rebellion you will ever witness. We will all see ourselves in it. I sure did. 👀 I may not be doing the super bowl halftime show for expectant fans but I know what both triumph and damnation feel like. As a woman in the public eye, I am labeled a brave voice one moment and an idiotic uninformed navel-gazing whiner the next. There are things I've been called that I won't name here because they hurt my heart and body and they don't deserve my response. 🔮 But just as Gaga lives with chronic pain and chronic inspiration, so do we all. She rejects labels and we can too. She understands that we are all works in progress, learning to love ourselves and to fight for each other. 🔨 The bravest thing we can do right now, for ourselves and for this country, is to exist authentically and without apology. So someone says I'm a fat faux feminist dog abandoner? No: I reject that. I say I'm a warrior woman who has lived through and with mental illness, assault, chronic pain, public criticism and still I've fought every day to tell stories and make jokes. So please, reject the narratives imposed on you and choose your own adventure. 🎭 Thank you Gaga (and director Chris Moukarbel) for giving us permission to change our narratives. I might not be flawless, but you know I gotta diamond heart 💎 ❤️

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Now please excuse us while we go watch Gaga: Five Foot Two.