This requires a seriously steady hand.
08 November 2017

We might have gone through squiggle brows, barbed wire brows, and feather brows but the latest trend when it comes to getting those badboys in shape is to carve literal hearts into the bulk of the eyebrow.  The concept requires a hand steady enough to disable a nuclear weapon, with a bunch of brave souls on Instagram already taking to social-media to debut some truly impressive results.



We’re not sure if we’re fully on board with this creative design *just* yet but we can definitely admit that it’s a pretty unique concept. The #heartbrows hashtag has since been re-posted on a bunch of meme accounts and it’s proving popular. The images uploaded so far show a chunk of each woman’s brow missing. The peak of the arch is the most popular position for the heart to be carved in, which makes sense considering it’s the thickest natural part of the eyebrow.



It suspiciously looks like the below user has enlisted the help of Photoshop to get that heart-shaped dent in their brow (doesn’t it just look a little *too* clean?) but we’re fairly certain it could inspire a few YouTube beauty tutorials. The idea has gone down pretty well on Instagram, with one user throwing their support behind the trend: “U see this is actually cute not that wavy eyebrow sh*t,” they wrote.



Another pointed out that we should all stop being so judgemental of people who jazz up their eyebrows in the name of fashion: “If people want a heart in their brows or wavy/braided brows let them. It’s not hurting you.”