Time to stop speculating.
13 November 2017

One of the most interesting parts of Taylor Swift’s album cycle is deciphering the inspiration behind each track but it sounds like she’s had enough of people speculating about her music. While her earlier albums were peppered with hidden messages about her past romances, this time around Taylor has pre-emptively called out the media for scouring Reputation with a finetooth comb.



Even though she hasn’t given any formal interviews to promote her sixth album, fans have been given a direct insight into her emotional headspace with the publication of an incredibly personal essay. In the liner-notes of the Target edition of the album, Taylor delved into topics like perception, social-media, and the intrusive behaviour of gossip blogs. Oh boy. Button down the hatches.





“We think we know someone, but the truth is that we only know the version of them they have chosen to show us,” she begins. “We know our friend in a certain light, but we don’t know them the way their lover does. Just the way their lover will never know them the same way that you do as a friend.”


She then goes on to explore the reason behind our obsession with social-media: “Ultimately, we post photos online to curate what strangers think of us,” Taylor writes. “But then we wake up, look in the mirror at our faces and see the cracks and scars and blemishes, and cringe. We hope someday we’ll meet someone who will see that same morning face and instead see their future, their partner, their forever.”




That’s when Taylor really went in on the media’s habit of piecing together ‘clues’ and coming up with a one-size-fits-all theory behind the inspiration of the album. “When this album comes out, gossip blogs will scour the lyrics for the men they can attribute to each song, as if the inspiration for music is as simple and basic as a paternity test,” she says. “There will be slideshows of photos backing up each incorrect theory, because it’s 2017 and if you didn’t see a picture of it, it couldn’t have happened right?”