'Reputation' will reveal a darker side to the pop superstar.
27 September 2017

If you haven’t already noticed, Taylor Swift is here to make a statement with her new album. The country-turned-pop star showed she was done shaking it off when she returned with the No B.S. anthem Look What You Made Me Do and the rest of Reputation will follow suit. Rolling Stone have reported that the album is not another dreamy pop affair like her last album 1989, describing it as “lyrically sharper” and “more emotionally complex”.





It’s been a few years since she innocently sang of Romeo and Juliet but Taylor has still given us romantic pop gems like New Romantics and Style in recent years, although we maybe shouldn’t expect to see the same sweet side this time around. Her songwriting has always been the key to Taylor’s musical magic so it’s very exciting that the new material is said to be even more impressive than usual.






The bass-heavy camp of Look What You Made Me Do and the hip-hop-leaning …Ready For It? have thrown our expectations out the window, making it clear that Reputation will be an experimental revamp of her music. Five weeks after its release, Look What You Made Me Do is still in the Top 5 both in the UK and the US, while …Ready For It? is rumoured to become the official second single.


Reputation doesn’t drop until November 10th but it sounds like it’s going to be worth the wait!