The singer looks and sounds freer than ever before.
02 November 2017

Tove Lo is fully charged and ready to go with a red-hot new album. Fans have known of the title BLUE LIPS for a while now, however we finally have the rest of the details as she officially announced the album yesterday. She unveiled the gorgeous and provocative artwork on Twitter, showing either her or another mystery woman laying in a darkroom clutching her bum cheek. It’s epic.


BLUE LIPS [lady wood phase II] will be out nov 17,” she revealed with the racy pic. “Can’t wait to share with you.” Phase II is the follow-up to last year’s Lady Wood – which just celebrated its first anniversary three days ago (!) – and the tracklisting suggests the new songs are more sexually liberated than the first instalment. The lead single Disco Tits is an intoxicating, sweaty banger about falling free with a new lover, which most likely sets the tone for the rest of the album.


Tove Lo promotional picture for 'Disco Tits' single in 2017

From Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to Hey You Got Drugs? and Bitches, the titles alone promise more of the candid, free spirit we love so much in Tove Lo. Just like Lady Wood, the 12 songs are separated into two 6-track segments, Light Beams and Pitch Black. The latter opens with a collaboration with Daye, who we think is Daye Jack, a rapper and singer who also works in Max Martin’s camp, just like Tove. Disco Tits is high-key one of the Swede’s best songs to date and its wild video is just as nuts as we’d expect from her, so colour us excited to hear what else she has in store.


16 days and counting…

Tracklist :

Light Beams

1. disco tits
2. shedontknowbutsheknows
3. shivering gold
4. dont ask dont tell
5. stranger
6. bitches

Pitch Black

1. romantics (featuring daye)
2. cycles
3. struggle
4. 9th of october
5. bad days
6. hey you got drugs?