They're still as fresh in our minds as the first time!
22 January 2018

Some 20 years ago, a sextet of quirky cuckoo New Yorkers, as different from each other as chalk, cheese & caviar, entered our lives over endless ramblings and numerous caffeinated conversations. Needless to say, they came, we saw, and they conquered. Such is the enduring power of arguably the cultural watershed of the 90s, that present kiddie generations continue to watch reruns. Moreover, despite knowing nearly every dialogue by rote, we still laugh, cry, giggle and go “Oh My God!” with these pals we made. And use like that, 10 years ago, these friends said goodbye. Let’s run through the most iconic moments from the show that truly taught us what fun, friendship and laughter meant… not to mention the mystery of “we war on a break!”


1. The one with the Lobster

The very first of the many water cooler moments occurred on this show when after much ado about nothing, Ross & Rachel finally kiss! Let’s not mention the supreme awesomeness of Rachel’s nose and the sheer energy of Fat Monica, we also got a peek into pre-civilisation permtastic Ross. The best part however was when the long overdue Ross-Rachel kiss happened, setting us on a decade long journey that had us rooting for television’s most beloved couple to find their happily ever afters with each other.




2. The one where Ross & Rachel break up

And then this happened, breaking zillions of hearts & hopes, crashing all our prayers that they would get back… after all they were on a break! When Ross said, “This can’t be the end…” when Rachel decides to break up after his one-night stand with a bar floozie, we echoed his sentiments. Tears followed, and years of cat and mouse games followed until the “Got off the plane” moment granted us our decade long wish!




3. The ones with Janice

There was Richard, played impeccably by Tom Selleck, there were ALL the parents, crazy, cuckoo and lovable at the same time, there were Rachel’s sisters, one conniving and the other delightfully air headed… but the best guest star on the show by far was so-nasal-she-could-crack-a-glass-pane annoying Janice. Leopard prints and ‘Oh My God’isms intact, she made an appearance in every season at least once… and nothing short of hilarity ensued. Be it her music (non) prowess, her noisy childbirth or her wisecracks, this woman deserved a spinoff of her own!




4. The one with the triplets

Weird was as weird got when it came to Phoebe. Delightfully crazy, when she decided to be the surrogate mother to her brother as a wedding gift (#facepalm) we thought she could never dial the crazy down! But the sucker punch moment came in when after she gave birth to triplets, she decided, no so happily, that she would have to give them away. In her final goodbye to the little muggiest of cuteness, she settles for being cool aunt Phoebe. And we settled for our tissue boxes.



5. The one where he says “I take thee, Rachel!”

We ALL hated Emily, snooty you-know-what that she was! And when we saw the slightest glimmer of hope that their marital alliance would go kaput, we cheered and how! But the genius of it all was how it happened. We saw a suddenly enlightened Rachel running to London to profess her love for Ross minutes before he’s about to walk down the aisle. And we saw her soften and keep the realization to herself after seeing him happy with Emily. And finally in the last minute of the season finale, as he says his vows, he decides to “Take




6. The one where the messers become the messes!

Well well, this was that one iconic moment when we all finally came to know that Monica & Chandler were officially a thing. Between Phoebe & Rachel’s genius plan and the “we know they know we know…” rants, a laugh riot was on display as Phoebe tried seducing Chandler to get him to confess. And the aww moments rolled in when the schmaltzy confession happened. Never mind the fact that Hulk-a-Ross showed up too, sending us back into peals of laughter.




7. The one where Monica proposes

Yep. She did it. She sat on one knee and asked him to marry him. In a candlelit room. And she wanted it to be a surprise. Where the hell is the tissue box when you need it most! And he said yes… now seriously… ANYONE, tissues!!!




8. The one where Phoebe has her happy ending

Through Phoebe’s endless dalliances and loves, we never thought she would snag a man quite as cute and normal as Mike. That’s what made their union just perfect. And of course, the hyper cute awesomeness of Paul Rudd is largely responsible for the same!




9. The one where she gets off the plane

The moment we all waited for for 10 long years finally bore fruit after breakups and patch ups, one night stands and painful goodbyes. Everything headed in the perfect direction as Rachel finally got off the plane. And we crazy romantics went to schmaltz heaven! Long live Ross & Rachel.





10. The one where they all have coffee… one last time

Has there ever been a finale that has had such a feel good ending which guts you and makes you weep at the same time? We didn’t think so. With the legendary apartment all cleared out, it was an eerie goose bump-worthy moment where we realized we had laughed, cried and grown up with these friends. And when they finally left the apartment for the last coffee at Central Perk (an homage is incomplete without it’s incredible mention) we kept longing for just a moment more before the final goodbye happened. And all we saw was the peephole… the peephole that had been a window to our joys the way these Friends had. Sniff… tissues…





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