19 May 2017

Kickstarter has been behind some of the best ideas, and products to take shape, and make our lives better. But, it also has a deep, dark corner, where all the inane ideas reside.


While the vast majority of our kind struggles endlessly, and hustles around to make some cash, just so you can eat, there are a handful around the world who enjoy the liberty of throwing around their hard-earned cash at the most pointless things that could exist. The fact that Kickstarter is open for anyone, and everyone to get their dream ideas funded, has attracted a fair bunch of individuals who really stimulated their creative brain juices to come up with some of the most ridiculous ideas and even HIT their target figures. If this doesn’t reinforce your beliefs of the internet being the answer to all our problems, we don’t know what will. The world is truly a weird and wonderful place.


We scoured the internet to take a look at the most outright wacky ideas Kickstarter has ever seen. Here are 10 projects that’ll teach you a lesson or two about smart money management. Take notes kids:


1. Write dumb stuff in the sky



Kurt Braunohler asked people to donate money so he could hire a guy in a plane to write stupid and meaningless things in the sky. The project got US$ 7000 from people. He ended up writing ‘OMG I’m flying’, ‘How do you land?’ and ‘Tweet me bro!’. And total strangers paid for this, that’s right.


2. Giant Lionel Richie Head



People from Britain raised over £8000 to get a giant inflatable head of Lionel Richie. The inflatable head was supposedly funded to be installed at music festivals all over the UK. This one really just evades any kind of logic whatsoever. Spending all your money, All Night Long.


3. Potato Salad



W.T.F. Look at that disgusting goop in that bowl. Now, if we told you someone paid Zack ‘Danger’ Brown US$ 10,000 to make that, you’d best believe us. Brown took his chances by starting a campaign for Potato Salad. He wanted to raise US$ 10 but ended up raising US$ 10,000 with the help of naive strangers who REALLY wanted him to make the mushy side-dish.


4. Missy Elliott for President! 



Brooklyn resident, Sakura Bready raised over US$ 3,000 to fund a unique tracksuit. The tracksuit was based on a dream she had, in which Missy Eliott was president. Missy is known for her crazy love of tracksuits, so…seems fitting? We have no idea, frankly.


5. Crystal Bacon



First things first, the world has an EXTREMELY weird obsession with this smoky delicacy. We get it, it makes you cry tears of joy, but Bacon Vodka, Bacon Coke (REALLY?), Bacon Air, Bacon Wallet, we can keep going on forever. But now there’s crystal bacon. We swear we’re not making this up. This project raised over US$ 2,700 so that they could get a piece of plastic shaped like bacon. Not even the real thing. What’s the point of buying ANY KIND of bacon that doesn’t end up in your stomach?


6. The 5 o’ Clock Shadow



A yearning for a full grown beard is painful; ask those who can’t grow one. Not everyone is blessed with whatever genetic wizardry a manly beard needs. This thoughtful but strange campaign raised US$ 3,000, and gave people a woolen-knit face mask that resembled a beard.


7. Anti-Zombie Soap



Scared of the apocalypse? This was the perfect campaign for you then. Armed and loaded with anti-zombie bacterial fighters, this soap ensures you don’t turn into a flesh-eating cannibal. The campaign even got a collection of over £350.


8. A Floating pool in a river



Here’s a predicament for you. You have a river open for swimming, and lazing around in. Do you go ahead and do a cannonball, and just enjoy your river? HELL NO! You get people to spend their hard earned money on an inflatable pool, which you’ll then install in the SAME GODDAMN RIVER. Being the amazing human beings that we are, the campaign collected over US$ 41,000. *sigh*


9. Squirrel Census



Squirrel-related readings. Squirrel-related music. Squirrel-inspired art and dance. Yes, yes, welcome to weirdo land. Termed as part science project, part storytelling experiment, a group of writers, designers, and artists set about counting a particular species of squirrels in Atlanta, GA. They were clearly very worried about decreasing squirrel numbers. The money collected would be used by scientists to create data about squirrels in the vicinity. Somehow, the project raised US$10,000.


10. Meat Soap



Soap seems to be having all the fun. This user raised over US$ 2000 to make soap that smelled like bacon, beef, and barbecue. Talk about getting prepped for breakfast in the shower. Not bad, not bad at all.