01 February 2017



Love feels trickier than trying to teach ballet to a room full of cats sometimes, so this Valentine’s Day let’s take things back to a simpler time. A time when all love really involved was your mum making you fishfingers for tea and your dad letting you watch cartoons after.



And where better to take some romantic advice from this V-Day? These kids are seriously nailing the romance game after all…



from the kid still a bit pissed about that lesson you taught him about sharing




Found this vaguely threatening Valentine card in a box of keepsakes.

the v-day card from the 7-year-old career woman with other priorities rn



My wife found this love note on the floor of the elementary school she works at.

 the little guy with the right idea of what love really means





the one from the kid who reaaaally took that lesson about honesty being the best policy to heart





My cousin’s daughter made her this valentine card when she was in kindergarten

one from a kid who either loves pancakes or potentially needs a little therapy





My daughter’s Valentine’s Day card to me. She meant to write “crepes”.

the little guy with the right idea about what love really means




one from the kid reaaaally enjoying school this year






Student gave me this Valentine today. Feels good to know I’m having such a positive impact on these kids’ lives.

the child who perhaps was a little young to see romeo and juliet after all






Kids are brutal. Valentines cards…



Sorry grandma, but the one about the painful death is for you.




the kid who knows the secret to a strong relationship





My sister-in-law teaches 4th grade. This is what one of her students gave her for Valentines Day.

the kid who knows how mummy spends her time after he’s gone to bed




one from a kid with a strong future as an artist





My son drew me an angel for valentines day…


the kid who is just frankly the person all of us should be on valentine’s day





Honesty speaks a thousand words, people.