Not that we're saying you're scary-looking or anything.
25 October 2017

Calling all witches, wizards and sexy goldfishes. Halloween is just around the corner and you probably should have started planning your costume back in June some time tbh. But if you’ve left it way too late to sprint to the shops and stock up on the liquid latex, crazy contact lenses and fake blood, then don’t start wailing like a banshee about it.



You might not be the scariest of the bunch, but there are a few easy-to-follow tutorials out there that you can totally master with stuff that’s already in your makeup bag. Whether you’re on a budget, or far too lazy to think of something complex, or just disorganised af, here’s 12 Halloween looks you’re basically ready to recreate right now.

1. Fluffy spiders for some subtle spook

Well, this is verging on a genius Halloween hack. How come we’ve never thought of cutting up some old fake eyelashes to make teeny tiny fluffy spiders before?

There’s a proper tutorial coming to Shaaanxo’s YouTube channel very soon, but until then take some inspo from her 3D smokey spider eyes.

2. Your face, but cartoon-ified



When there’s about half an hour left to transform yourself from stressed, unorganised party-goer to Queen of Halloween, just grab your foolproof eyeliners. You’ll need a black one to do the inked contours, a pop of lip colour and a bright eyeshadow shade for an easy but oh so cool cartoon look.

3. The not-so-creepy but very cute woodland deer



If all of the gore, guts and skeleton bones don’t quite fit your aesthetic but you still want to get creative with your makeup bag, this is the one for you.

Dig out your most warm-toned bronzer, a light shade of concealer and the most fluttery lashes you can find for a sweet and soft Bambi costume.

4. Ariel on a bad day, aka a dark mermaid



If The Little Mermaid was going through an awkward, moody emo phase, then it’d probably look something along these lines. An old pair of fishnet tights will sort out those scales with minimal effort, and we’re sure you’ve got some dark eyeshadows and lipsticks in your collection somewhere.

5. Fancy going dead glam? Literally?



For the costume that sums up exactly how you feel about socialising for Halloween (you want to look fierce, but the thought kind of makes you want to die), look no further. It’s basically your everday makeup but just desaturated, with black eyeshadow contouring, strong highlight, concealer lips and an OTT smokey eye.

6. I’m a cat, duh


However much you might want to do a totally unique and quirky costume every year, the lure of the cat ears is just too damn strong. If you’re gonna do it, then channel Zoella’s super glossy ombre lips, huge fake lashes and backcombed Halloween-ready hair to achieve a slightly different vibe of feline.


7. 3D spider-eyes straight from your nightmares



Anyone on the hunt for something genuinely scary (but totally simple and last minute friendly) will be obsessed with these spindly-legged spider eyes. Taking spider lashes to a whole new level, you just need some deep, dark shades of shadow, liquid liner and shimmery highlight for this look.


8. Luxe gold glitter lion, because why not



For the guy or girl who’s always just a little bit extra, Megan McKenna’s golden lion look is the ultimate example of Halloween goals. You might not have any fancy gold leaf lying around, but you can totally recreate this with last summer’s festival glitter, some steady-hand eyeliner and a generous amount of bronzer.


9. You’re so two-faced (no seriously, you have two faces)



Heads up, you may need a couple of hours to perfect this trippy optical illusion – but it only requires your exact every day makeup plus a couple of extra shadow shades to create. Be prepared to cause maximum confusion to anyone who’s had a sip of witches brew at your party.


10. Glossy skull, for the Insta-ready corpse in you



Chloe Morello’s glamorous glossy skull might look impressive, but it’s actually pretty easy to master with a limited amount of products from your makeup bag. All the emphasis is on strong, dark contouring, a black smokey eye and obviously a KILLER (no pun, promise) glow from your go-to highlighter.


11. You can still be Harley Quinn this year y’know



Missed the chance to be everyone’s favourite bad girl last year? There’s still time, because it’s always going to be a brill (and easy) costume. You might get called ‘basic’ a few times, but that’s okay. Just make sure you get your red and blue eyeshadow the right way round.


12. And last but not least, the classic cracked, broken doll



When you’re all out of ideas, turn to the most underrated Halloween look of all. Not only is it dead easy for even the most cack-handed among us, but it’s genuinely terrifying. Turn yourself into the stuff of nightmares with nothing but a flush of pink blusher, a touch of red lipstick, some wide fluttery eyes and of course, those eyeliner cracks.


And if all else fails, just go as yourself because your life is a nightmare anyway. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.