31 January 2017


Sex can be a tricky subject, with more questions than there are answers. Luckily, help is on hand – because there’s a WEALTH of helpful (read: hilariously weird) info and advice relating to the old frick-frack on Tumblr.



Prepare yourselves…



1. always keep a mood ring handy





You never know when you might need to check your current emotional state.



2. do not use baby oil as lube





Not unless you’re OK with using it for its actual intended purpose in 9 months time.



3. memorise this handy ‘guide to consent’ flowchart





Because this is actually and literally SO. IMPORTANT.



4. remember that slut-shaming is ridiculous





Just ask the bunnies.



5. sexting should look like this





Because ‘send nudes’ is just a big ol’ no from us thanks.



6. don’t have shower sex





It will always end badly.



7. how to deal with someone who ‘doesn’t want to wear a condom’








8. learn from harry potter





Who knew the Boy Who Lived had so much to teach us? Wingardium Levi-NOMEANSNO-sa.



9. never forget what a difference a ‘d’ can make





‘Yes honey, you were conceived during a Vampire Diaries binge watching session’ is the kind of sentence that will scar your accidental child for life. Just sayin’.



10. spice things up in the bedroom by doing this




Because everyone loves a bit of positive affirmation.

11. stuck for words? no problem





Just keep this list handy at all times.



12. don’t do this








13. oh, and always remember this








(Pictures : Tumblr)