Including naked, naked, yoga.
27 November 2017

If your current workout involves zoning out on the treadmill or daydreaming about what you fancy for dinner while slogging away on an exercise bike, chances are your body is as bored as your brain. Luckily, the fitness world is always discovering new and oh so unusual ways to exercise, so it’s no wonder there’s more gym classes to choose from than ever before. From unleashing your inner mermaid to doing a Downward Dog completely naked, we’ve rounded up 13 of the quirkiest classes ever.



1. Doga (AKA Dog Yoga)


If you’ve got a dog, you’ve probably attempted to do some acrobatics with them in your living room (guilty), but now you can quite literally put your Downward Dog to the test in a group yoga class.  Supposedly it reduces the stress of you and your furry friend but all we can imagine right now is a load of puppies bouncing around while you try to deepen your Uttanasana pose. Where do we sign up please?


2. Morning raving


If you love partying but can’t take the 4 day hangovers and stacking it in your perilously high heels, Morning Gloryville is for you. From 6.30am, you can dance the morning away in a club while sipping on smoothies and eating a healthy breakfast. Cardio and endorphins for the win.


3. Hula Fit


If you’re going to work out, you might as well have a laugh, right? Taking it back to the good ol’ Primary School days, these classes are actually an incredible core workout that’ll have you jogging and doing squats while spinning a freakin’ hula hoop around your waist. Get ready to build some serious abs, coordination skills and party tricks galore.


4. Kangoo jumps


Doing an intense workout in these futuristic-looking bouncing boots will turn you into a gym bunny, quite literally! These miraculous jumping shoes also burn twice the calories as regular shoes because they use more leg muscles (and more intensely), but are less strain on your joints and feet. GENIUS.


5.  Naked yoga


Accidentally catching a glimpse of a something dangling during Downward Dog is inevitable, but once you get over that part it sounds like the most freeing exercise class there ever was.

6. Aqua Spinning


It’s a spin class completed turned on it’s head as you sit on a bike which is submerged underwater. Cool, huh? The class can burn through 800 calories as the water adds an extra natural resistance to the workout. Aqua cycling has a whole load of extra benefits, like enhancing blood flow, supporting your body weight and putting less pressure on joints and muscles. And yes, us young people need to look after our joints too.


7. Bounce


If you were deprived of all the trampoline fun when you were younger, you can channel your inner child and let loose during this exhilarating workout. You’ll focus on different body parts as you do jump squats, jump lunges and even use resistance bands. Looks intense but SO FUN.


8. Floating Yoga


Whether it’s in the pool, sea or sandbox, it’s all about doing your yoga routine on boards these days. It’s hard enough balancing on solid ground, but on water? Just think of the core strength you’ll build…


9. Being a mermaid IRL


Ever wanted an excuse to wear a shimmery mermaid tail and frolic around in the water? The good news is that you can AND you can pass it off as a workout. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can laze by the pool taking Instagram pictures in your mermaid get-up though, because each class involves swimming, core, aerobics, dance and interval training. Ariel must have been knackered.


10. Twerk It


Twerking may have been a trend that fizzled out years ago, but if you’re still keen on brushing up on your skills and getting a good bum workout at the same time, you’re in luck. The class will focus on toning your quads, obliques, glutes and more – basically using the same muscle groups as squatting but more fun.


11. Skateboarding pilates


The pilates-inspired workout is already a trend in Paris, thanks to French celebrity trainer Raphael Doub and incorporates a skateboard to add extra challenges. You’ll be channeling Avril Lavigne circa 2002 in no time.


12. The Megaformer


This complicated new-gen reformer pilates bed is fitted up with lots of levers and weights and combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core and flexibility in every move you make. It’s also a favourite of Kim Kardashian, if you needed any more convincing.


13. 50 “Shapes” of Grey


You can probably guess by the name that this class is inspired by the S&M moves in the book 50 Shades Of Grey. Fitness trainer Kristen James this workout to strengthen your core, so you’ll be enjoying moves like ‘the seductive squat’ and ‘the sexy scissor’ in no time. Raunchy.