Just in case you needed another reason to skip the gym.
13 November 2017

Let’s face it, the gym is a really weird place. You go there to get really sweaty in a room full of mirrors, with a bunch of randomers grunting and groaning and lifting heavy objects. There’s obviously going to be some unavoidably awkward moments, but these real-life horror stories will probably put you off going to the gym for some time.


From toenails flying off to severe crotch sweat, now we’ve heard it all…

“My toenail flew off”

“This is pretty grim so be warned! I’d recently run a half marathon and had a bit of a gammy toenail – basically it was black. But after one gym session it was really painful so I went to the changing room and whipped off my sock to inspect it. As I pulled it off my toenail flew off across the room! After gagging a few times and accidentally getting the attention of everyone in the room, I rushed to pick it up, hid the evidence (in the bin) and hobbled home. It’s grown back now thankfully.”


“I farted really loudly in a gym class”

“We’ve all done it but probably not had an experience as bad as mine. I was in a weights class and was doing loads of squats. I needed to fart and couldn’t hold it in anymore so decided to go for it when the music was loud. I thought it was a safe moment and let rip, just as the music decided to stop suddenly. WHEN IT WAS SILENT. Everyone definitely heard and I didn’t make eye contact with anyone for the rest of the class.”



“Wearing grey when you’ve got really bad crotch sweat is not fun”

“I’d just done a really good HIIT session on the bike and was feeling proud of myself. I’d REALLY gone for it. As I got off the bike, I realised just how sweaty I was. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but I was wearing light grey leggings and the severe crotch sweat from the bike made it look like I’d pissed myself.  I’ve never worn those grey leggings since…”


“I stacked it down a set of stairs in front of some hot guys”

“It was leg day. I’d just done a lot of lunges. I was walking down the stairs to leave the gym when I spotted a couple of hot guys. I tried to play it cool when all of a sudden my legs got the wobbles and I must have tripped over my own feet as I crumbled down the stairs into a heap on the floor. They obviously stopped to ask if I was ok but I was too embarrassed to do anything but nod and then cry all the way home. Definitely bruised both my knees and my ego that day.”


“My leggings were completely inside out”

“I must have been in a major rush as I threw all my gym kit on and ran (in the dark) to make a gym class. I was late so had to stand right at the front of the class. It was only afterwards that I noticed my gym leggings were totally inside out with a HUGE label hanging out the back. How could I not have noticed and why did no one tell me?!”


“I had bird poo on my hand”

“A bird pooed on my hand as I was walking to the gym (am I the unluckiest person alive?) and I had to walk through reception and the gym to get to the changing rooms to wash it off without anyone seeing. It was hard to hide and I’m pretty sure I got a few disgusted looks.”

“I got period blood all over my white gym top”

“I went to the toilet and leant over to get another pad out of my bag before heading into the gym. I only noticed as I actually looked in the mirror that some of the period blood had got onto my white top. It couldn’t really be styled out as ketchup and I had no change of clothes so went straight home, hoping no one would notice the big red stain.”


“The guy whose thigh I put my hand on definitely wasn’t my boyfriend”

“After a normal session in the gym, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a swim afterwards. We were chilling in the steam room when I left to go to the toilet. As I came back I fought through all the steam and sat down by my BF, putting my hand on his inner thigh. By his surprised reaction I soon found out that it definitely wasn’t my boyfriend as he had decided to run off to get some water without letting me know. What an idiot.”

“I ended up with a black eye”

Basically, I thought I could run faster than I could. My feet let me down. It hurt my face. A LOT. I had to explain to everyone that my black eye was from falling flat on my face on a moving treadmill after putting the speed up too high.


“The leggings were see-through”

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a girl across the gym wearing actual see-through white leggings. So see-through in fact, that you could see her underwear said ‘Monday’ in bright pink on the back. It was Thursday.


“He used to film himself dancing topless in front of the mirror”

“This guy, who is actually a reality star by the way, would always embarrassingly film himself dancing with NO TOP ON. He obviously thought it was good for getting girl’s attention, as he would make weird sensual eye contact with me and flex his muscles as he was doing it. He actually just looked a bit mental. I even changed my gym routine so I’d hopefully not bump into him as much.”



“I was using the machine TOTALLY wrong”

“It wouldn’t have actually been embarrassing if I’d just asked someone for help. I was thought I was winging this whole gym thing rather well when some guy came over and explained the machine I was using for my shoulders was actually for my legs. He still comes over and jokes about it now.”


“I went through an hour of hell because I felt too awkward to leave”

Did I accidentally walk into a boxing class at the gym instead of yoga and just stay because I felt too awkward to leave? Yes, I did. And yes, it was the worst experience of my life.