Here's what the social media giant has in store for you this year.
22 January 2018

Remember that time when Facebook entered the market and took over Orkut and Hi5 overhauling the way we networked? It was nothing short of a revolution—we were able to find all our long lost friends on an interface that was slick and user-friendly, offering a wholesome virtual experience. Come to think of it, it has been one of the few advancements that has brought people together across generations (we all missed a heartbeat when we got that first friend request from mum and dad).


But in due course, it increasingly became less of a networking website, and more of a business hub—a to the point platform that became all about getting work done, missing all the personal touch.


And that’s why, the various teams of Facebook have resolved to change, and upturn things a little in 2018. Here are all the updates:


1. Relevant content vs. Meaningful conversation

“The research shows that when we use social media to connect with people we care about, it can be good for our well-being. We can feel more connected and less lonely, and that correlates with long term measures of happiness and health. On the other hand, passively reading articles or watching videos—even if they’re entertaining or informative—may not be as good,” Zuckerberg wrote in a long post he shared on 12 January.

Facebook, in 2018, will be focusing on promoting and encouraging personal interactions than aimlessly watching videos, and reading articles that may be relevant but may not be something that’s making your heart happy.

Unless the content from businesses is furthering meaningful social interaction, it will HAVE to take a backseat. They’re okay with you spending less time on Facebook, but they want to ensure it’s time well spent.

While we appreciate this effort, the thought of our newsfeeds getting further flooded with vacation pictures, and updates about people getting married and baby showers is already making us nervous. #JustSaying.


2.  Get Real

The active global family of 1.3 billion users who are using Facebook messenger every month is something that the team is going to take seriously in 2018. This year, Facebook will continue to improve real time communication. “At Messenger, we want to make sure you can celebrate a cousin’s engagement from the other side of the world as well as make sure your friend is safe after a natural disaster,” Marcus said in his post.

point 2

3. Huddle time

With improved features on Facebook Messenger’s group chat, maybe that Goa plan will finally work out for you guys! And if all that chaotic typing stresses you out, Messenger is looking to upgrade text-based group chats to video group chats!




4. Unwind, and undo

Does opening that Messenger app irritate you because a bit too much is happening on it all the time? Well the team agrees they fu*ked up a little in an attempt to get more and more features on the Messenger app. 2018 is going to be all about decluttering.




5. Why so ded?

Plain text, let’s be honest, is just bleh! Throw in some emojis, GIFs, a voice note maybe, and the conversation becomes so much more fun. The team at Facebook acknowledges this fact, and they are all set to make conversations more visual this year.




Considering all these updates shared between Zuckerberg, and Marcus, Facebook is looking to bring the world closer through warm, meaningful conversations in 2018. Is this a step in the right direction? Why don’t YOU tell us what you feel about this in the comments section?