18 January 2017


A new festival called ‘The Variety Bazaar’, run by the organisers of Glastonbury festival, will take place in 2019.


Speculation has begun to build that this means Glastonbury won’t return in 2019, following its fallow year in 2018, but this is yet to be confirmed.


Speaking to Glastonbury FM, Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis said: “I’ve been a risk taker all my life.”



“In 47 years of taking risks, so far – touch wood – I haven’t come unstuck. This might be one risk too far, I don’t know.”


The new name the Glastonbury team settled on?


“The Variety Bazaar,” he shared. “It’s a good name, don’t you think?


“But presented by The Glastonbury Festival Team. The Glastonbury Festival Team presents… the Variety Bazaar.”


That’s not the only thing that’s new


The Variety Bazaar will be taking place away from Worthy Farm, where Glastonbury takes place. The new location is yet to be revealed, but Michael teased “it’s halfway to the Midlands from here”.


Don’t worry, glastonbury will be back


Emily Eavis took to Twitter to calm fears that Glastonbury might be ending. “We’re still planning an event in the future at a different location – which we are calling Variety Bazaar,” she wrote. “But Glastonbury Festival will always be called Glastonbury Festival and will remain at Worthy Farm!”




So, to summarise.


Glastonbury will take place this year; with Radiohead the only confirmed headliner. After that, it will take its traditional fallow year, allowing the village, the farm and the festival team a year off. This leaves 2018 blank. Next, in 2019, the first ever Variety Bazaar will take place, but we don’t know if this will stop Glastonbury from taking place in 2019 as well. Potentially, the Worthy Farm festival might not return until 2020, but this is yet to be confirmed.