To pineapple or not to pineapple? That is the question.
07 April 2017

Pizza is sacred to Italians. They have rules on how to make it, how to cut it (LOLJK, you don’t), when to eat it (never for lunch, and never cold for breakfast, what’s wrong with you plebians?), and what the hell to put on it. But beyond the borders of Italy, it’s anyone’s game, and everyone’s playing. People take all sorts of liberty with this pie.


Like Sam Panopoulos, the Greek-Canadian guy behind the Hawaiian Pizza featuring pineapple chunks as one of its toppings, which, much to the horror of pizza purists, has several admirers all over the world. But not Gordon Ramsay. The British celebrity chef seems to be a traditionalist when it comes to pizza toppings, but when he appeared on The Nightly Show, and asked the audience to suggest toppings for pizza, he seemed pretty open-minded. That is, until someone suggested pineapple. And Ramsay lost it.


“You don’t put f***ing pineapple on pizza,’’ said Ramsay, instantly fuelling a Twitter war between the pizza police and lovers of pineapple.




Meanwhile, some took this thin opportunity to advertise their own pineapple pizzas.



But Paul ‘Ant-man’ Rudd almost sensed doom watching this army of pineapple pizza defenders…



For us in India, this is just plain amusing. If a little pineapple on pizza is all it takes to send Ramsay into a meltdown, can you imagine what the menus of our Indian pizza houses might to do him? 


1. Dal makhani pizza






3. Butter chicken pizza


 4. Maggi pizza