All the caffeine you could ever dream of.
07 December 2017

If your bloodstream is 99 per cent caffeine at this point, and your brain stays firmly in snooze mode unless there’s a giant coffee involved, then today’s your lucky day. The biggest ever Starbucks has just opened, and it looks so awesome that we actually wouldn’t mind just moving in tbh. We spend about the same as rent on our morning coffees anyway.



Never again will you have to sprint across the cafe to steal the comfy sofas, or keep a firm eye on the arse in a suit who’s hogging up a table for four, because the Starbucks Reserve Roastery has just opened up and stands at a whopping 30,000 square feet. That makes it roughly twice the size of the flagship Starbucks store in Seattle, so it’s basically any coffee lover’s dream come true.


The only catch is that the store, described as a ‘fully immersive coffee experience’, has opened up over in Shanghai – but it’s probably worth a long haul flight just to check out everything that’s on offer. Consider this your pilgrimage. For example, you’ll find more than 100 drinks available on the menu at this new Starbs, with a selection of exclusive drinks that you’ll only be able to get your mitts on at this branch. Kinda makes your flat white seem a little bit lame this morning.



This Starbucks also has its very own Princi bakery built into the cafe, which will be whipping up more than 80 menu items for you to choose from, all baked fresh daily by more than 30 bakers and chefs working in the kitchen. In other words, they’ll almost certainly never run out of your fave toastie like the one by your office does.



You can park yourself, your laptop and your headphones at the world’s longest Starbucks coffee bar to get stuck in with some emails, and check out the ceiling design that’s inspired by locking an espresso shot into a coffee machine. How cool?



If you’re more of a tea kinda guy or gal, you’ll also find an exclusive Teavana bar waiting for you, offering all sorts of fancy recipes like tea infused with nitrogen and Steampunk tea brewing, which uses team to extract the flavour from each tea leaf.



On arrival, you’ll be greeted by a traditional copper cask which is pretty impressive, while the two story equipment is decorated with traditional Chinese stamps engraved to tell the Starbucks story.



Oh, and did we mention there’s actual VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCES in there too, which hook up with your phone and allow you to give live feedback while you’re having your frothy cappuccino? We literally live in the future, guys.



Before you fork out for a flight to Shangai, the good news is that there’s already plans in action for Roasteries to open up in Milan for 2018, as well as in New York, Tokyo, and Chicago in 2019.


Pretty cool, right? We’ll save you a seat if you get us a latte.