It's 4/20 everybody, time to kick back, relax, and become an immovable couch potato.
18 April 2017

Today is a BIG day for everyone who likes to partake in the occasional or regular use of the Devil’s Lettuce. Everyone has a set routine, an ideal go-to person, a well-curated playlist, and most importantly, a set circle of friends. Every year, 20 April is celebrated by funny spinach lovers and admirers from all over the world. But if you’re a regular with the stuff, we know it’s the same trip almost every time. So we present you with a guide to 4/20 with all the essential  things to do, so as to make this day one you’ll definitely forget.


So go ahead, get in the mood and chill out!


1. Get your rear-end settled in the most comfortable spot.


It’s pretty obvious that once you start, you’re not going to get up for a couple of hours. Keeping that in mind, setting up the place beforehand would be a blessing in disguise. Just throw around a couple of beanbags, pillows, and anything comfortable and you’ve got yourself a partaaaay!



2. Grab your best buds together! (No pun intended) 


What’s the best part of 4/20? Destroying brain cells with your friends, and having the most pointless conversations, what else. Any session without your best-friends is just not right, and especially not on 4/20. So we suggest you gather a handful of your buddies before you embark on the laughter-filled journey.


P.S.- You might want to leave out the super-paranoid one.



3. Try to make some yummy edibles, because why not?!


Because it’s a special day, there’s no harm in putting in a little extra effort to cross this off your list, if you haven’t already. This is the only day where it’s acceptable to work hard to make some potent edibles that’ll render you brain-dead. Just be wary of the fact that it’s a thin line between getting nicely buzzed and seeing animals and patterns in your living-room.




4. Stock up enough grub for when the munchies strike.


One of the carnal sins you can do when you have a grand session laid out in front of you is if you forget to stock up on the snacks. Slack in planning can cause the life-ending munchies that’ll follow once you hit the sweet-spot. To keep yourself happy and safe, it’s best if you just load up on the trash you’re going to stuff you’re face with. Don’t forget LOTS of water and juices, you don’t want cotton mouth! You’ll compliment yourself later, you will.



5. Channel your inner Salvador Dali.


No, we’re not kidding, go for it. Get a paper, some colours, and just let the creativity flow through you. You’d be pleasantly surprised with the result. Another great option would be to grab one of those adult colouring books, trip out on the designs, and also kill a few hours while you’re at it.




6. Build a Scooby-Doo-esque mega sandwich.


Scooby-Doo and Shaggy were pretty sketchy characters if you think about it. Why would someone be hungry 24×7, paranoid, and build these meaty and beautiful sandwiches at every chance they got. Seriously, go look at Shaggy’s eyes and tell us we’re wrong. So grab a whole loaf of bread, a ton of sauces, meats, and get to work. Bon apetit.




7. Watch three classic no-brainer movies in one sitting.


Movies with an easy-to-follow plot are the perfect time-killer once you’re in the zone, and feeling all mellow. So just download a few movies that you may or may not have seen, and binge them all in one sitting. We highly recommend Pineapple Express, The Big Lebowski, Superbad, and Dazed and Confused.



8. Introduce someone to the new world.


Ah, that first experience. It’s when your life might change for the good or the worst. But still, it’s a great feeling; if you don’t have a bad experience. There’s nothing more amazing than watching a newbie complain about how they don’t “feel anything” only to see them get rekt after an hour. Go ahead, welcome someone to the Dark Side.



9. Set out on a road-trip to a scenic spot outside the city! 


Imagine you’re on top of a cliff, a lake or more mountains spread out in front of you, a cool breeze in your hair, and your best friends. Add 4/20 to this equation and you’ve got a winning combination of all that’s good in the world. Stepping out of the hustle and bustle of the city will be extremely rewarding, and worth the effort. At least it’s a welcome change from the four walls you’re confined to.