20 February 2017

Five GRAMMY wins, two phenomenal speeches, and one unforgettable night – Adele’s got it all.


…And we haven’t even gotten to the performances yet. Adele must have a lucky streak, because the 2017 GRAMMY Awards was her night to revel in her slay-dom!


The Outfits


Simple, sophisticated, and refined. Adele exuded glamour and poise at the GRAMMYs, in such an effortless way. To add to that, her hairdo and makeup were also super elegant and fresh, highlighting her light green eyes and emboldening her cheeks. Adele definitely proved to all of us that green is totally her colour!



The Performances


Yeah, whatever, she had to start the George Michael tribute from the top because she didn’t think she was giving it her best, but only a true queen would stop mid-performance to make sure she gave the best possible rendition of the song. Even Nicki Minaj recognized her confidence, Instagramming a picture of Adele with a caption stating “she’s so bossed up for starting over” – and we can’t help but agree!



The Speeches


Adele understands that she has incredible talent, but more importantly, she recognizes the talent of her contemporaries. In a world that is constantly trying to belittle the friendship between women, she took the stage to reaffirm the power of female solidarity. Her dedication to Beyonce’s Lemonade was one that was much-needed in a time when the Recording Academy holds implicit biases against artists of colour, and made us love her even more. I mean, who can resist her after that Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls moment?



The Wins


Adele now has a total of 15 GRAMMY wins. You read that correctly – FIFTEEN! We didn’t even catch 15 Pokemon without getting tired and quitting, and this girl won fifteen GRAMMYs?! We only have one thing to ask – what is in that English water, and where can we get some of it?