09 May 2017

The MTV Movie & TV Awards is about having a massive party to celebrate your fave movies and TV shows from the past year, sure. But it’s also a chance for the stars to unveil exclusive sneak peaks at the upcoming movies we can’t wait for!


This year, we got exclusive new looks at Spider-Man: Homecoming, It, Transformers: The Last Knight, Wonder Woman and more! Watch them all below and get ready to board the hype train!



1. Spider-Man: Homecoming


Stars of the movie, Tom Holland and Zendaya, unveiled this brand new look at their Marvel Cinematic Universe Spidey reboot – and it looks awesome. “You’re the Spider-Man from Youtube!” says Peter Parker’s BFF Ned in the trailer, as he discovers his bestie’s super secret and drops his Lego Death Star in amazement. SAME, NED, SAME.



2. Wonder Woman


We want to see even more of baby Diana after this new trailer, in which the young Princess is so adorable we kind of want her to join the Justice League as a baby badass, tbh. In the new clip, she reasons that when it comes to weapons she should at least get “just a shield – no sharp edges!” Meanwhile adult Diana Prince, played by Gal Gadot, bursts through buildings, blows stuff up and joins the war. Plus, Chris Pine flies an old timey plane!



3. It


OK, this is going to freak us the f*ck out! This brand new trailer basically looks like Stranger Things meets The Conjuring and you know what? We are OK with TOTALLY CRAPPING OUR PANTS for it. Look out for Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard and the super creepy Pennywise the clown, who will be inspiring a million Halloween costumes later this year.



4. Transformers: The Last Knight


Mark Wahlberg debuted a new clip from his upcoming Transformers movie during the show, explaining “It’s pretty simple: giant badass robots kicking the shit out of each other, and I do some cool shit too.”

But don’t take his word for it (because that description is kind of rubbish) and watch the trailer instead. Joining the series, Anthony Hopkins even brings creepy old fashioned Westworld-style robotics with an ancient Transformer on hand, which is something we can always get behind.