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Exclusive: Andy Duguid Speaks Out to India's EDM Community

Posted on 18 September, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Exclusive: Andy Duguid Speaks Out to India's EDM Community

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Andy Duguid’s career was launched in September 2006 when dance floor kingpin Tiesto snatched his single “Hypocrisy” and added it to his playlist for many consecutive weeks. The approval of the golbal top-tier of DJs was soon to follow, as he gained heavy live support by Paul van Dyk and Armin van Burren and worked with electronica luminaries like Johan Gielen, Phynn, Filo & Peri, Richard Durand and Mr. Sam, to name a few. Lest we forget, his track record extends to some of the biggest labels globally such as Maelstrom, Sola Records, Songbird, and his current home base, Black Hole Records.

Allow us to catch our breath here while Andy gives Vh1 India an exclusive rundown of his career and addresses India's rising EDM community in the wake of his upcoming tour

1. Coming up as an international progressive trance artist, a lot of audiences might try to categorize your sound or compare you to other artists. How have you kept your music unique over the years?

That's a very good question. But the easiest answer to give would be that I always make music that I like. I don't try to fit into any genre. I guess progressive is what comes natural to me so that's what I make. I have a small group of fans compared to those commercial producers but I strongly believe my fans are the best in the world and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

2. "Hypocrisy" was that breakthrough track that got you signed to Black Hole Recordings. Looking back, what would you attribute that track's success to?

I think having Tiesto backing it was a huge attribute. At the time Tiesto was probably at his peak and Black Hole were the biggest EDM label on the planet so I had some giants backing me. It made a huge difference.

3. When you released your first full-length album Believe, it got noticed for a lot of eminent vocal collaborations with artists like Leah and Julie Thompson. Are producing vocal tracks something you prefer over instrumental?

I like producing any kind of music. I just think my tracks lend themselves nicely to have an emotive vocal in them. But to answer your questions I would have to say yes, I prefer vocal EDM.

4. The last song on that album "White Sands" was especially striking, and also because you wrote it with your brother. Would it be ok for us to ask you what that track means to you?

This track means so much. You can lose pictures or videos of your loved ones but this is something that will be around forever and it makes me very proud of my brother.

5. You never seem to run out of inspiration. Can you tell us more about why you release music under alter egos like Reeves, Corsie and Emilo Fernandez?

I am inspired by everything and I think it helps that I love all kinds of music. Well Reeve's came about initially as Tiesto didn't want 2 Andy Duguid tracks on the same ISOS so we came up with that alias. Corsie to be honest with you was a track that didn't represent me well so we made up a random alias to get the music out there but have no connection to it. And Emilio was myself as a silent producer which everybody found out about. I still produce all of Emilio's work but I'm slowly getting the point across that I'm only the producer and not the artist. There's some honest answers for you.

6. You've also remixed the theme song to Alone in the Dark: Inferno. Videogame or Atari Fan?

When I was younger I was an Amstrad fan! But nowadays I'm a video game fan.

7. What inspired to start After Dark and what can we expect from both the label and the radio show in the future?

The radio show is growing stronger each and every week. We are a small casual show for now but with the numbers we are pulling in each week it won't be long until #ADS is up there with #ASOT and #ABGT.......We hope. As for After Dark Music, it's on hold for now while we restructure. To start I was doing everything from A to Z which just wasn't doable with my growing schedule. So, we have a new AnR team ready to take demo's now and by christmas we will be fully up and running and ready to release some amazing new music.

8. A big trend in electronic music today is releasing hot singles over albums. Do you think this a more sustainable form of distribution for the EDM-crazed Internet generation?

I think it's important to release both to be honest. I still believe fans like a hard copy of music to hold. It's something that I miss to be honest.

9. That being said, can we expect another full-length album, or maybe another compilation like Miracle Moments from you?

Well the day I'm doing this interview is the official release day of my new album "On The Edge". And already I'm onto album number 3 so there's plenty more music to come from me. I'm only at the beginning.

10.  Is there any message you'd like to give to India's rising EDM community and aspiring producers?

India's EDM community has always been great to me. There's so many die hard fans out there and they have always been supportive of my work. This goes hand in hand with the great producers of India. India is the place to be and I believe in the coming years will be one the biggest EDM countries on the planet. I can't wait to come see you all again!! 

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