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Sandunes to Release Collab-Heavy Album ‘Ever Bridge’

Posted on 29 July, 2013 at 03:07 pm

Sandunes to Release Collab-Heavy Album ‘Ever Bridge’

Photo: Neville Sukhia

Mumbai-based post-dubstep producer Sandunes has dreamt up her debut full-length album entitled Ever Bridge due for a mid-September release. Unlike her previous EP’s VS004 and Temper Tonic, her full-length will be a ‘collaborative’ effort and feature talented artists in the South-Asian landscape, making it a one of a kind global electronic release.

“'Ever Bridge' implies the melting of boundaries and connection of spaces, places, people and mediums,” she tells Vh1. “It’s a process that is never-ending, which is just a reflection of what I've been going through personally and professionally over the course of this year.”

Other than working with other musicians in India – talented vocalists like Siddarth Basrur, Megan Murrary, and Uday Benegal - Sandunes will also collaborate with international artists for the visual component of the release.

"I geninuely have an innate need to fill gaps that are beyond my auditory capacity,” she goes on to admit. “I’ve composed tracks or different pieces of the album, and I have looked for artists across South Asia and potentially in the West as well who would be able to graphically represent them. I’m colaborating with artists like Asma Javeri (Pakistan), Hriday Nagu (Dubai) and Newman D’sIlva (Mumbai) to name a few.”

Sandune’s a.k.a Sanaya Ardeshir earned her stripes as a talented keyboardist, performing with bands like Something Relevant. Her latest EP under the Sandunes moniker, Temper Tonic, sees her spin that virtuoisity into twitchy beats and brisk synthwork – a formidable post-dubstep/future garage effort. Ever Bridge only seeks to expand on that added Pan Asian flavour that seperates her live electronic pageant from the upsurge of electronic performances in the country.


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