11 January 2017

Oh Ed Sheeran how we love you so. One minute he’s nursing a facial gash inflicted by royalty and the next he’s breaking chart records.


It turns out he’s got a ditsy side too. In an interview with Roman Kemp on Capital on 9 January, the ‘Shape Of You’ singer revealed that he can’t remember writing one of 2016’s biggest songs – Major Lazer’s ‘Cold Water’ with Justin Bieber and MØ!



Telling Kemp he plays guitar on the final version of the No.1 single, Ed said: “Originally that was me doing the trumpet line going *imitates trumpet sound* but then we got a trumpet guy to redo it. So it was yeah, I did guitar, a bit of vocals and did trumpet but then got replaced.”


The ‘Castle On The Hill’ hit maker went on to add: “I didn’t know that track existed, like I kept getting emails from Diplo being just like, “Oh I’ve found your track ‘Cold Water’, can I do something with it?” and I’m like, “what are you talking about mate? I don’t have a track called ‘Cold Water’!” And then like, he’d be like “yeah, we’ve got Justin Bieber on the song do you mind if we release it?” And I’m like. “mate I don’t know what you’re talking about!”


“It came out, but the song I did, it was like really, really slow and it was like *sings* and then suddenly they sped it up….And made it a thing, so I was very pleasantly surprised that that came out and was a number one, ’cause I didn’t remember writing it.”


Meanwhile in other Ed Sheeran news, he recently revealed he’ll be topless in his forthcoming video for ‘Shape Of You’.