09 January 2017

We’re only nine days into 2017 and Ed Sheeran has won the year already having managed to make streaming ‘History’. On Friday the world went nuts when Ed dropped his two brand new singles ‘Castle On The Hills’ and ‘Shape Of You’ and he’s just broken Spotify’s ‘day one’ streaming record….


Reaching over a combined 13 million global streams in the first 24 hours, with ‘Shape Of You’ totalling 6,868,642 and ‘Castle On The Hill’ racking up 6,168,395, Ed has now overtaken the previous ‘day one’ record holders, One Direction, who notched up 4,759,698 streams with ‘Drag Me Down’ in August 2015. Sorry guys!




In the first 48 hours the tracks reached a staggering 25,839,709 streams globally, 5,425,357 alone in the UK, and the singer-songwriter currently holds the No.1 and No.2 spots on iTunes (in 77 markets), Apple Music UK and Spotify (36 ‘No.1/27 ‘No.2’ positions).


 On YouTube his two lyric videos have received over 28 million combined hits, having amounted over 10 million views in the first 24 hours – his fastest-ever video launches. And they’re not even the proper music videos!


Check back later today to see how Ed fairs on the Official Chart Update, when we’ll know if he’s set to smash it on the Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart later this week.