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Get to Know: Nero

Posted on 24 December, 2013 at 12:44 pm


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Get to Know: Nero

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You’re on Chase and Status’ MTA records and they've been really keen on watching their artists grow. How did this benefit your musical direction?

When we signed to MTA, Chase and Status were already two albums in, and there were definitely some lessons we picked off from them. It’s good to have a sort of soundboard you can rely on and new ears to play stuff to; ears we can really trust! Also, it was great starting out with a label that was sort of unknown at the time. There were loads of offers on the table, but once we started writing Welcome Reality it was quite different to the material we had written before, and it was quite appropriate to have a fresh start with a label that was willing to take chances. MTA have got backing through Universal too, so you’ve got that major label backing, but at the end of the day it's very much a kind of independent family vibe, and that’s just what we need. 

Let's cut to the chase then. All we’ve got so far on your new music is “Into the Past’ off The Great Gatsby soundtrack and a very ominous 28-minute ambient teaser you put out on SoundCloud. We take it the new album is going to be overly cinematic?

There’s definitely some very cinematic, soundtrack heavy bits on the new album but I won't say it's the whole deal. We did the long SoundCloud teaser to purposely throw people off and have them wonder what was actually going on. The track is actually a 3 minute ambient that we looped to make exactly 28 minutes and 8 seconds long. 2808 — that's a number you’ll see creeping up a lot with us. There's also these little things that start to make sense eventually, like all that eerie whispering you hear and we want to see people to try and pick messages out of that. It's all leading up to something much bigger. So it was not so much a representation of the sound on the new album, but more like just an eerie way to leave things whilst we kind of disappeared for a few months and finished this album.

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