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Vh1 Legends: Apache Indian

Posted on 2 September, 2013 at 05:04 pm

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Photo: Universal

Apache Indian is an urban legend – and that definition can swing either way. For some of us, participants to the ‘walkman’ era, shuffling between drawers of cassette tapes to find a copy of No Reservations, or just yelling along to “Chok There” on TV, the man was the first to create a genuinely urban Indian sound — a rare blend of Bhangra, hip hop, pop and reggae. For others, the UK-bred artist was lost in a crowd of upstarts that sought to make a trend out of the very style of music he pioneered in. The important thing is this: even if television stopped having his songs on constant rotation, even if people only speak of his first three hit singles and UK Top 10s, Apache Indian still tours the world endlessly to this day and performs his music the only way he knows how. So what’s left of him?

Apache walks in to the Universal Music India offices, hard-bitten, dark shades on, and his dreadlocks in a bunch. He’s here to promote his latest record IiWiI (It is What it Is) — the first album to have him collaborate with his very own Sunset team of writers and legendary producer Jim Beanz. The album will see Apache evolve on his trademark ‘Raggamuffin’ speak to become the voice of a new generation. On the surface, Apache seems manufactured to promote his record and this new sound, but beyond this rugged industry exterior, he cracks open myths of the artist he’s conditioned to be and gives Vh1 a career-spanning documentation of the artist he truly is. This is a tribute.

“Go back to real music, go back to music that represents yourself” – Apache Indian

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