16 May 2017

The Vh1 Summer League is finally coming to an end, and there are two mega finalists! Who’ll come out on top? Your votes will only tell!


The Vh1 Summer League started out as a call-to-action for fans to choose the ‘Summer Anthem’ for 2017. This years edition was extremely competitive, especially when you have strong contenders like 24K Magic, Paris, Rockabye, I Feel It Coming, Chained To The Rhythm, and Shape of You. We can’t even imagine the tough decisions you guys have been making over the past few weeks, but you’ve done it! And now, we have two solid finalists. In the right corner, we have Ed Sheeran’s all-encompassing Shape Of You, and in the left, is Katy Perry’s dancehall anthem Chained To The Rhythm. Boys and girls, get ready for some mighty punches and jabs to be thrown around, because this is not going to be an easy fight!





1. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You


“I’m in love with the Shape of You, we push and pull like a magnet do.” Ed Sheeran has undoubtedly mastered the chops of dropping tracks that get stuck in everyone’s head, irrespective of how old you are, where you are from, and what you listen to. If Sheeran drops a summer track, it WILL creep inside your head like a worm, snuggle in, and stay there for a long, long time. The song in question is a pop anthem for the ages, and we sure aren’t getting over it any time soon.


The song simply tells the story of Sheeran meeting a girl while he’s doing shots at a bar with his friends. You’d think the video would feature a bar and a lot of drinks being consumed, but you would be soooo wrong. Instead, what you get is a (somewhat) buff Sheeran prepping himself for a boxing match with his lady love. Bonus: You get a never seen before shirtless Sheeran. The video takes a mind-blowingly cute turn of events, when the “boxing match” actually turns out to be a match between Sheeran in a fat suit squaring up to a sumo wrestler. Oh, our gentle hearts! Given his absolute prowess when it comes to slaying the charts, the track peaked at No. 1 on the singles charts of 30 different countries. Let that sink in. It’s only fitting that Shape of You ended up in the finals of the Vh1 Summer League. Now it’s all up to you to make the red-headed crooner lift up the trophy!



2. Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm


“Turn it up, it’s your favourite song. Dance, dance, dance to the distortion.” Katy Perry’s inspiration to make a ‘purposeful’ fifth album was further fuelled by Donald Trump’s election in November 2017. So, Perry set out with a mindset to write a relevant song that would encapsulate Americas current plight. Channeling all her frustration into the song, Perry gave birth to Chained To The Rhythm; an insanely catchy and foot-tapping number that screams volumes with the layered lyrics, and a brilliantly conceptualised video.


The much awaited song dropped in February 2017, and was the highest debuting song by a female artist since Adele’s Hello back in 2015. Adopting some groovy disco vibes, the video is what shot the song into everyone’s minds. Wanting to create imagery that would help her translate her current views of what the world was facing, the video features a theme park called Oblivia. As Perry strolls through the park, she sees people midlessly indulging in selfies, and gorging on candy floss-shaped like nuclear mushroom clouds. She sees a couple enter a cosy house, get lifted high up into the air with other houses, only to be suddenly plunged to the ground; signifying the fall of the housing fiasco in America. Many more such metaphors are thrown around, signifying all the events that have been happening in the world. But, Perry manages to smile through the video and is a ray of sunshine with that golden voice and that gorgeous pink blonde hair! With an army of fans backing her, it’s up to you if Katy Perry gets to call dibs on that prestigious Vh1 Summer League title!



Will it be Ed Sheeran or Katy Perry? Vote and find out on 18 May 2017!