19 May 2017

Linkin Park has adopted an entirely new style on their new album One More Light and we’re going to leave you with the task of figuring out if you like it or not.


One More Light, a follow-up to 2014’s Hunting Party, sees the six-piece band go into a more pop/rap direction, with the signature riffs and growls being significantly toned down.The first track they released from the album was Heavy, which featured Kiaara (also the first time they’ve used a female vocalist, ever). This was followed up with Battle Symphony and Good Goodbye, which featured the likes of Stormzy and Pusha T. We know, we know, even we were scratching our heads. The three tracks were met with mixed reviews with a lot of people OBVIOUSLY clamoring about how they’ve “sold-out” or how they’re “not the same anymore”. Now that the album is out, the 10-track project has songs with forgettable lyrics and hooks, except a few. But again, they’re just trying out something new with their sound, like how every artist and band should strive to.



Linkin Park has been continuously riffling through genres in their 17-year-long career. For the vast majority, they’ve been known for being nu-metal, and for making some hardcore roof-tearing tracks that will be forever stuck in the back of your head. But now, Linkin Park has seriously changed up their gameplay on their new album One More Light.



In a recent Teens React To Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda was shown what today’s youth has to say about their music, and a lot of them talked about how the music has turned to “pop shit”. Although Shinoda took this in good spirit, he said something that makes a lot of sense. “If we do a bunch of songs that are similar, it drives US crazy. That’s why we make songs that don’t sound the same. And then we do something different, and then what happens?”


If you like your bands to stick to their style for their entirety, get ready for some heavy disappointment heading your way. Because, let’s face it, our favourite childhood band isn’t the same anymore, and they probably never will be.