11 April 2017

If you’re a big fan of a cappella, chances are you’re already head over heels in love with the world famous group, Penn Masala.


The wonder-kids of University of Pennsylvania, formed the group in 1996 and started mashing up Indian Bollywood numbers with pop songs from the West. Needless to say, once the amalgamations spread all over the world, it didn’t take long for a die-hard fan base to build up. They’ve recorded 10 albums over the years which feature originals, as well as their signature mashups. Penn Masala currently has 11 members, Indians as well as Americans.


Hope y'all are as excited as we are about the Yuva Tour in India, coming this May! Make sure to like our page and click the link to be the first to know about tickets here:

Posted by Penn Masala on 10 एप्रिल 2017


In May 2016, the group flew down to India after much begging, and pleading from all over the country, to embark on a mammoth seven-city tour. If you missed your chance to catch them in action, you’re in luck! They just put up a post on Instagram, confirming that they’re making a pit-stop in India in May as part of their upcoming Yuva Tour. They are touring all over the world for their brand new album Yuva.


BIG NEWS: We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be touring INDIA in 2017! Mark your calendars for late May for the PM Yuva Tour and be the first to know about tickets here:

Posted by Penn Masala on 9 एप्रिल 2017


Although ticket sales haven’t officially started, you can sign up for yours here.


Seriously, you don’t want to miss this one.