You're staring at the walls, and you're bored. We have the perfect solution!
19 April 2017


You’ve already been confined to the couch, and you’ve stuffed yourself with way too much junk food. What do you do now? Here’s an idea, switch on your laptop, open YouTube and we have a trippy wonderland waiting for you. Given the circumstances and situation you’re in, it goes without saying that anything with visuals in it will melt your face and brain, and it’s a glorious feeling. YouTube is a vast world, and once you cross over to the good side you’re treated to some beautiful and aesthetic looking pieces of art that’ll leave you high and dry. We know you’re in no state to work that hard, so we’ve done the work for you.


Go ahead, get settled and let the brain melt begin.


1. Dan Deacon – When I Was Done Dying (DDWIWDD) 


A group collaboration of nine artists who came together to each leave a mark on what is an incredibly out-of-this-world video. The song is a simple rock ballad, but the visuals lend an almost spiritual vibe to it. Good luck holding on to your head.




2. Air – Sing Sang Sung


Known for their dreamy compositions, Air manufactures another ear worm and plugs an incredibly eye-catching video to go with it. You’ll find yourself bopping to the song while constantly smiling at the simultaneous complexity and simplicity of the video.




3. Blockhead – The Music Scene 


Blockhead’s The Music Scene, is animated by Anthony Francisco, who also contributed to the Dan Deacon song above, so you’ve already got a sense of his style. The video though, questions the role media and TV plays in brainwashing the common man. Some very deep layers, and even more mind-bending imagery. This one’s a pure delight.



4. A$AP Rocky – L$D (LOVE $EX DREAMS)


No mysteries here. A$AP very blatantly pens a song about what the world seems like when you’ve dropped a tab of acid, and it can’t be put into words. Taking inspiration from the legendary movie Enter The Void, L$D sees A$AP roaming the streets of what we think is Tokyo. Usually known for his bangers, he takes you on a more melancholic trip into his drug-addled brain.




5. Caravan Palace – Lone Digger


Caravan Palace are widely known for infusing jazz with some strong funk elements and it results in a highly infectious dance number, almost every time. The video for Lone Digger sees a couple of ‘jock cats’ go to a strip club for some milk shots, and… yeah it’s quite surreal. What ensues is a bloody battle between all the other four-legged animals that have descended there to have a good time. Extra 100 points for making animals look BADASS!



6. Fever The Ghost – Source


This peppy upbeat number is going to leave you with a LOT of questions. But it’s best to switch your brain off and take a dive into some heavy magical realism with this video.



7. Bonobo – Cirrus 


When it comes to Bonobo, you can expect nothing but perfection. Which is why the British DJ roped in none other than Cyriak to work on his hit track Cirrus. Cyriak is probably one of the most successful psychedelic after-effects artists of our time, and anything he touches turns to musical gold. Case in point.



8. Cassius ft. Cat Power and Pharrell Williams –  Go Up


A fairly recent video compared to the others on the list, we just discovered this a week ago and BOY, are we glad we did. The concept for the video is fairly straightforward: the screen is split into two, and two different sets of clips play on both the sides. In words, it might seem simple but once you feast your eyes on this masterpiece, you’ll begin to understand the work and creativity that is required to conjure up something like this. Add to that funky-disco beats, and you’ve got a hit on your hands and a mess in your brain!