A major step for Muslim women in sports.
05 December 2017

Today’s news that’ll make you wanna stand up and recreate the GIF of Meryl Streep cheering and applauding? Nike Pro has launched its first ever, specially designed sports hijab. The unveiling comes with a seriously badass launch photoshoot, proving that all forms of sport, exercise and working out should be possible for everyone, no matter their race, gender or beliefs.


Nike Middle East have previously paved the way when it comes to making breathable, effective sportswear that caters to female Muslim athletes, but now Nike Pro have brought the light and breathable design to the US to make it more widely accessible.



After working closely on prototypes and feedback with Muslim athletes, the new Nike Pro sports hijab is being promoted by some of the biggest and baddest female sports stars out there, who all look more than ready to leave the other competitors trailing behind while wearing it.


Zahra Lari, a pro ice dancer from the United Arab Emirates says that the Nike hijab acts as a “reminder to us Muslim women that we can achieve anything in the world. “What Nike has done for Muslim athletes is a dream that we never thought would happen.”



Ibtihaj Muhammad, a bronze-winning Olympic fencer from New Jersey, explained that trying to wear a hijab while taking part in sport can be a HUGE stress that impacts massively on a woman’s overall performance. “When the material is wet [with sweat], it gets really heavy,” she said. This then completely obstructs your hearing, which causes issues when trying to listen to a ref or a coach.


Praising Nike’s latest release, Ibtihaj said: “It really sunk in how much my previous hijab was hindering my performance. Suddenly, I could hear, I wasn’t as hot, and it felt like my body was able to cool itself down better and faster.”



But as well as improving actual sport performance, the Nike hijab is important for many other reasons. It’s a major leap in the conversation surrounding hijabs in general, and also works towards increasing the prominence of women in sport (particularly Muslim women), as well as taking a giant step in the right direction for inclusivity by reminding us all that sport is for everyone.


You’ll be able to get your hands on the Nike Pro Hijab from early January.