01 September 2017

Kimmy used to ‘love’ her now-nemesis.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that Kim Kardashian and her hubby Kanye West have had serious beef with Taylor Swift in recent years. Kanye’s feud with the singer dates way back to 2009, when he hi-jacked her acceptance speech for best female video at the MTV VMAs, proclaiming that Beyoncé should have won the award instead (mega awks).


Well now in an interesting turn of events, a throwback clip proves that was the very same year Kim Kardashian admitted to being Tay’s ‘biggest fan’ and she even dropped the almighty L-bomb when describing the country gal. Entertainment Weekly obviously did some digging and managed unearth this absolute gem, in which Kim Kardashian is asked what she has on her iPod.




Without a moments hesitation Kimmy admits: “Taylor Swift, Love Story.” The reality star goes on to say: “I love Taylor Swift, I’m the biggest Taylor Swift fan. I’m watching her on Twitter.” How very interesting. In fairness, ‘Love Story’ is an absolute banger and the comments were made three years before Kimye even became a thing.


Besides, Kim, Kanye and Taylor seemed the best of pals in 2015 at various awards shows – could Kim’s super fan status have been the reason they patched things up?



Things only really turned sour between Kim and Taylor following the whole ‘Famous’ lyrics debacle at the start of 2016, when Taylor blasted the song as misogynistic for lines such as: “I made that b**ch famous.” Then all hell broke lose between the pair as Kimmy released a video that appeared to show the Bad Blood singer giving the songs lyrics the a-okay.



Anyway, fast forward to present day and it seems this bitter feud shows no signs of stopping, especially since many fans believe Taylor’s latest track, Look What You Made Me Do, is full of disses aimed at Kanye.


Some fans have even gone as far as suggesting the bathtub scene in the accompanying video is a reference to Kim’s Paris robbery. TBH we just hope that some how, some way this feud will turn into a Love Story in the end. But for now, we reckon Taylor’s loving the thought of Kim belting out: Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.