The singer takes a shot at acting in the video.
25 October 2017

Camila Cabello is coming for an Oscar! The long-awaited video for the pop star’s mega-hit Havana has finally premiered and the movie-within-a-movie is one of the most entertaining pop videos of the year. The OMG singer showcases her acting skills as she plays several versions of herself and also serves up some major choreography that we need to learn ASAP.


Storyline? Check. Dancing? Uh huh. Hilarious moments? Too many. Easy-on-the-eyes love interests? CHECK. Camila in charge? Oh, that’s always a check. The video starts with a hilarious telenovela skit that Nerdy Camila watches at home before sneaking out to the cinema to watch Red-Hot Movie Star Camila get up close and personal on the dance floor with her love interest. Nerdy cinema-goer Camila isn’t satisfied with how the movie ends, prompting Movie Star Camila to tell her to write her own story. What happens next? Well, let’s say it’s a happy ending.


Camila performed Havana at BBC’s Radio 1 Teen Awards at the weekend and will take to the stage at the 2017 MTV EMAs on November 12th for what we expect to be a fiery rendition of the bop. Havana is currently sitting at Number 2 on the UK Singles Chart for the third consecutive week but we think that might change this week thanks to this truly epic mini movie.


Video of the year? Maybe so…