22 August 2017

The two superstars are coming together for the rapper’s new single…


Rumour has it Eminem’s imminent return is going to have a splash of colour! People have been expecting the rap legend to drop a new album by the end of the year and it’s pretty much just been confirmed that it’s happening, and the first single is on its way.


Some U.S. radio hosts might be in trouble after letting slip that the single features P!nk, describing it as “unbelievable” and confirming that it’s coming “very, very soon.”


The news came on the Detroit show Mojo In The Morning when one of the hosts revealed that iHeartRadio boss Tony Travatto had heard the song. “[Travatto] just came back from New York, he says that there is a new Eminem, P!nk song coming out that he said is unbelievable.” We bet! “He said he got a chance to be one of the first to hear it and it’ll be coming out here very, very soon.” (Around the 1:00 mark below!)



Considering that they’re two of the biggest – and most vocal – artists in the world, this is VERY exciting news! P!nk and Eminem have collaborated twice before, on his Recovery LP in 2010 and again for her 2012 album The Truth About Love, although neither song was released as a single.


Between What About Us doing so well (rightly so), blowing fans away at V Festival and receiving the Video Vanguard award at the 2017 MTV VMAs later this month, P!nk is having one hell of a comeback.


We can’t WAIT to hear this one!