The 'Praying' singer teams up with the rapper for the low-key party anthem.
22 September 2017

Macklemore enlists the help of Kesha for his brand new single – an absolute banger, by the way – Good Old Days.

The Rainbow singer opens the feel-good song over an emotional piano riff before the song picks up the tempo when Macklemore goes on a nostalgia trip about the early days of his career, where the production is almost reminiscent of Avicii’s folk-dance sound. “I wish somebody would have told me that some day these would be the good old days,” Kesha sings, showing off her incredible raspy voice that we’re still just so happy to hear again.





Good Old Days is the latest single from Macklemore’s second solo album Gemini, which drops tomorrow (!), and it’s quite similar to his material with Ryan Lewis, perhaps intentionally considering the song’s nostalgic vibes. “We made a song Good Old Days that makes me feel the nostalgia from when I was 16 years old and chasing wild dreams and hoping for the best,” Kesha said. “Not knowing that those moments would be so precious. Thankful for those random wild nights.”

We all have those memories, although the song makes sure not to get lost in the nostalgia and be present for more memories today.





Ultimately, past or present, the song is just one of those epic sing-along, lighters-in-the-air anthems about just living your best life and that’s all we ever want to hear, really. “All the love you won’t forget / And all those reckless nights you won’t regret.” Cheers to that!