12 July 2017

A beauty YouTuber by the name of Courtney Elizabeth Warner (who subscribers will know as @courtelizz1) did something both heroic and inspirational recently by vlogging the removal of her cancerous brain tumour.


Having already announced to her followers that she’d been diagnosed with a Stage 3 tumour, Warner – who received a flood of support and well wishes from her initial video – felt comfortable enough to record and share the entire surgical process.


The operation had to be performed while Courtney was awake and able to speak as the tumour itself was in a location that could have disrupted the speech part of her brain. Despite experiencing a seizure on the table, Courtney has now posted the resulting vlog.


“A couple of weeks before my brain surgery, I had said that I wanted to film everything about the surgery and everything like that. I wanted to show you guys how it was for me, all the way from the beginning all the way to the end,” she explained.



Admitting that there was a small part of her that grappled with the idea of deleting the footage, Courtney eventually came to the realisation that a video as candid as this one could make a world of difference to her subscribers.


“When I watched this about a month ago, I did not want to see this… I was like ‘I’m going to even delete it, I don’t want to see anything near it,'” she confessed.



Thankfully, Courtney opted to share the video in the end, with the upload already having racked up an incredible 2,00,000 views. Inspiring stuff.


All the best on your recovery, Courtney.